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Types of Wine

English: Cropped image of Cabernet Sauvignon g...
English: Cropped image of Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from Hedges Vineyards in Red Mountain, Washington. Photo taken August 28th, 2007 with a Kodak z650 camera. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wine (from latin.- vinum) – it’s a spirit a fortress of 9-20 %, which turns out as a result of full or partial fermentation of grape or fruit-berry juice. Sometimes in the juice intended for fermentation, add spirit, yeast and other substances. The science studying fault, is called enology.

At present in the world there is about 4,5 thousand grades of red wine. The most known grades of grapeswhich are raw materials for manufacture of red wine, are considered Cabernet Sauvignon (Kaberne Sovinon) and Merlot. Red wine has the sated high-quality bouquet, soft taste and colour from granatovo-red to the is dark-ruby violet with a shade. The red wine “know-how” assumes reception of a tart product with the sated dark red colour. On presence of the tartness necessary for red dry wine, tannins which are in grape stones and a thin skin for this reason at manufacturing of red wine of a berry of grapes press influence, without taking out stones.

White wine make from various grades of grapes — white, red or pink. White wine in the course of manufacturing necessarily ferment. As juice of pulp ofgrapes almost all grades has a light shade by manufacture of white wine a thin skin from berries necessarily remove. Natural white dry wine has thin harmonious soft taste, refined aroma and moderate acidity.

White wine is unique that in the course of its manufacturing it not only does not lose specific nuances of aroma of grapes of which it is made, but also reveals difficult enough bouquet with tones of wild flowers, grasses with nuances of a flower of an acacia, a rose and strawberry shades. Natural white dry wines have various shades of light-golden colour: from green-yellow to colour of old gold.

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