June 19, 2024

Wine Occurrence

I think, many will agree that it is possible to consider wine as a drink of gods, after all it is that ambrozion which is to be tasted small-small draughts, feeling unique taste of this drink and its magnificent aroma. In the seventeenth century was considered what to drink wine much more usefully, than simple water or other drinks. Beer at that time have not learnt to cook yet plainly (besides, at a total absence such making as hop, it quickly spoilt), exactly as well as to clear flowing drinking water. Wine always strengthened forces, amused soul, and that is one of its major qualities, was long stored. In general, was the tsar of everything that it is possible to drink. The first wine restaurants (then they were called a little in another way), became the most popular vacation spots. So, there has come the seventeenth century from a Christmas, and all-power fault has come to the an end: there were numerous competitors. To Europe chocolate, coffee and tea began to arrive. Known brewers have like at last a secret of manufacturing of the grain drink, and on pipes long-awaited pure water which could be applied to drink and cooking, at last, has begun to flow. The industry of wine restaurants has reeled, and having had time to begin… The First fresh idea – manufacturing and application of glass bottles – became a considerable makeweight on the wine account. Wine in glass container was stored much longer, than, as earlier, in oak flanks. Earlier various jugs and large bottles everyone there were applied to inform only a wine drink from a cellar on a table. Now application of new manufacturing techniques has flown down have made it much more strong, and manufacture is much cheaper. It is necessary to tell that simply ingenious invention at that time stoppers not deservedly is deprived today by attention from outside contemporaries. To a final analysis, the wine industry of second half of seventeenth century has typed such scope that the most known marks of wine which till now are held in respect also honour among fans as classical, were born during that nice time.

At this particular time the first echoes of creation of wine restaurants start to appear. It is connected here with what. At that time any true gentleman did not presume to ignore simply such important characteristics, as wine manufacturing, wine storage, temperature of wines and an order of giving of wine to a table. The so-called wine etiquette was formed also. True gentleman necessarily had an own wine cellar and strictly watched each bottle, aspiring to provide to it perfect conditions for storage. He also has been informed enough not to allow anybody from servants to rub off a dust with a bottle old “Shato Muton Rothschild” or to forbid the butler rapping its napkin at tasting, hiding thereby from the intrigued visitors a family tree of a bottle of wine. Especially it concerned red wine. At this gentleman vintage wines were stored in strict horizontal position at strictly certain temperature and never taken out from the wine cells up to the moment of giving to a table.

And all began so…

One Greek legend says that has opened a secret of a grapevine the shepherd by name of Estafilos whom, having gone on searches of a sheep, has found out it eating leaves of grapes. The shepherd has collected from a rod some unknown fruits, has carried these clusters to the owner Ojnosu who, in turn, has squeezed out juice of fruits. Juice all became more fragrant in due course, thus and our wine has turned out. In turn the Roman mythology believes that the first rod has been planted by god Saturn. However in Persia there is a history about an origin of a wine drink and grapes: speak, when tsar Dzhamshid had a rest in the shadow of the tent and observed training of the soldiers and soldiers something has distracted it. The big white bird choked in a mouth of a huge black snake. The Tsar has ordered to the soldiers to kill a snake immediately. One shot of a dragon has been amazed by an arrow in a head. The free white bird was pulled out from a mouth of a snake and has flown up to feet of the tsar of Persia and has dropped some kernels which have soon sprouted from a beak. The low branchy trees which have given of many fruits have grown from these kernels. Tsar Dzhamshid very much loved juice of these fruits, but once to it have brought a little sour juice, the tsar was upset and has ordered to clean it. So has passed some months . One fine slave, began to suffer strong headaches and has wished to die. Having found the bottle rejected by the tsar with the begun to ferment juice (young wine), the slave has drunk all it to the bottom. Certainly, she has lost consciousness and has overslept some days and when has woken up became more brave and more cheerful. News about wonderful healing of the slave has reached ears of the tsar, and it has proclaimed sour juice “an imperial medicine”.

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