July 20, 2024

Wine and Food General rules

Long since was considered that wine is created for food support, and then opens the better qualities. There is the certain list of grades corresponding to those or other dishes. More often fault of the various countries is better approach to their national kitchen. And, it is necessary to pay attention that certain components can strengthen or soften flavouring qualities of a drink. For example, the protein containing in walnuts, has properties to aggravate tannin taste of red grades. The same situation is and with hot dishes. To such wines is better approach saltish and fat food – fried meat, cheeses, but the use with fish and desserts is absolutely counter-indicative. Drinks a fortress 12 – 14 % of alcohol, and also sweet and sour wines are perfectly combined with sweet, and, in certain cases, the salty. As a result it is possible to draw a conclusion that wine needs to be selected similar for the taste with submitted foods. For example, wines of an easy body are intended for easy food, an average – for salty, and full – for heavy. Thus, submitting mushrooms, pick up wine with grasses aromas, well will approach white Burgundian or Sanser from area of the Top Loire. To fruit accordingly choose wines with fruit aromas. Certainly, there is enough simple approach to a choice of wine for a meal. To fish foods, dishes from game submit white dry wine, to meat – red dry, for a dessert – sweet wine.

Also it is not necessary to forget about sequence of reception of wine, that is white grades drink before red, lungs – before heavy, young – before old, and the drinks sustained in metal tubs and having fruit aromas, it is necessary to use before flank wine. However now, people are for some reason inclined to prefer one wine brand, without paying attention to an existing variety. Therefore it is necessary to notice that organs of smell and touch quickly enough get used to one and that kind of wine, and the freshness of perception is lost.

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