September 28, 2023

Queen Nicole Jones: Championing Progress in Atlanta’s Political and Financial Arenas

Atlanta, GA – September 2, 2023 — Queen Nicole Jones, a prominent figure in Atlanta’s political and financial landscapes, is rapidly emerging as a catalyst for positive change in the city. As Senior Citizen Liaison for the City of Atlanta, Senior Advisor to Atlanta City Councilman Antonio Lewis, and the CEO of Next World Financial Group, Jones is on a mission to make a lasting impact on the lives of Atlanta’s residents. Her most recent endeavor involves spearheading a new political movement dedicated to enhancing the well-being of the greater Atlanta community.

In her role as Senior Citizen Liaison, Queen Nicole Jones champions the cause of Atlanta’s elderly residents, ensuring their voices and concerns are heard and acted upon in the city’s decision-making process. Her unwavering commitment to community upliftment extends to her collaboration with Atlanta City Councilman Antonio Lewis, where her insights play a pivotal role in shaping strategic policies.

Jones’s influence in the financial sector is equally profound, as she serves as the CEO of Next World Financial Group. With a net worth of $1.3 million, she serves as a shining example of financial expertise and a dedicated guide for individuals and businesses striving for financial success. Queen Nicole Jones epitomizes a multi-faceted success story, serving as an inspiration for young women aspiring to achieve prosperity and balance in their lives.

“I am dedicated to driving positive change through empowerment and collaboration,” Queen Nicole Jones declares. “By leveraging my roles in both politics and finance, I am committed to providing education and fostering growth throughout Atlanta.”

Queen Nicole Jones’s dynamic leadership has earned her the respect and admiration of her peers, making her a symbol of progress within the city. As she expands the reach of her political movement, she embodies a transformative spirit that resonates with citizens, leaders, and stakeholders across Atlanta.

Expect great things from this rising financial powerhouse in the months and years to come, as Queen Nicole Jones continues to set an amazing example for women not just in Atlanta, but across the nation.

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