July 20, 2024

Shuntian Specializes in Customized Automation Solutions for the Packaging Machinery Industry

Due to the different origins of the enterprises, the capital, equipment, and technical strength are quite different, and the starting point is also different. The general trend is that there are fewer high starting points, and most companies are hovering on low-level equipment. For example, a relatively simple automatic packing machine, there are nearly one hundred companies in a region, the scale is not large, not much change in the past two decades, but only due to the implementation of specialized production has greatly reduced production costs. Although the demand is large, due to a large number of repeated production in the same area, resulting in fierce competition at low prices, the profit margin is compressed very little, and some even cannot support the survival of the enterprise.

There are still some products whose faces have not changed for more than ten years. There are many production enterprises. Low-cost competition has resulted in cutting corners and reducing steel grades so that the wear resistance and corrosion resistance have been greatly reduced. Some companies just follow up after others, see what equipment is easy to do, others make money on what equipment they make, they never copy intellectual property rights and copy each other, causing market confusion. An entrepreneur said: “In the past, I worked on new products. Everyone did it within half a year. I was forced to innovate as soon as possible. Now, my new product has high technological content, and others can’t keep up. It’s easy.”

Food and packaging machinery itself is an emerging industry. Twenty years are not enough to form a brand that is deeply rooted in people’s hearts, but companies that consistently adhere to “quality first” first have the foundation to create famous brands, plus continuous innovation in competition, the application of high technology and the exploration of cutting-edge technology, well-known enterprises, and well-known products will be gradually screened out.

Workers want to do their best, they must first sharpen their tools. The prosperous development of the automatic pouch packing machine industry is inseparable from the application of variable frequency transmission and automation products in modern industrial production. It can be said that the universal application of advanced scientific and technological achievements of the modern industry has achieved Foshan. Among them, the maintenance control man-machine interface, maintenance control PLC is indispensable. In a market with such fierce competition at present, only by reducing costs and improving the competitiveness of products can the enterprise have a fundamental survival!

The brand VIVI specially designed for the packaging machine industry LEVI series economic 7-inch touch screen-700L, and under the brand of VICON, the LX1S series programmable controller-LX1S-20MT came into being

Human-Machine Interface, the earliest domestic manufacturer of HMI (Human-Machine Interface) with independent intellectual property rights, has undergone many years of market testing, and Weikong has long been a brand worthy of everyone’s trust! At the same time, under the requirements of many customers who use dimensional control man-machine and their market requirements, PLC independently developed and produced by dimensional control came into being in 2012.

Previously, Panasonic PLC, Panasonic frequency converter, and text controller were mostly used in the food packaging machine industry! Due to the fierce market competition, the margin of profit is very small, the cost is under pressure, and many companies are hard to breathe! To reduce costs, some companies use imitation Panasonic PLCs, or simply use single-chip microcomputers, and texts also use text displays produced by small workshops, not to mention equipping devices with touch screens.

Now with the control of HMI control PLC, while ensuring quality, at the same time improve the technical content of the product, improve the competitiveness of the product, while reducing some costs!

Program: The program is tailored by our company’s senior engineers for the packaging machine industry! Not only food but also hardware, firecrackers, lighters, and other daily necessities that need to be prevented from being cut by the cutter! It also allows customers to choose whether they need encoder speed measurement, whether they need potentiometer speed regulation, whether they need air defense packages, whether they need quantitative production, fixed speed production, regular production, and more functions that Panasonic PLC could not achieve.

The Panasonic PLC (product of Little Japan) has many unsatisfactory results in the industry based on feedback from many users. Some defects in the hardware, such as poor material for terminals, often have contact failures; and have not improved over the years, Many users complained, and the defects in the program still exist today. Unexplained alarms are very frequent and have not been resolved so far; let alone want to do new functions and new programs. There is no professional technical staff to follow up and serve the enterprise!

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