July 22, 2024

Amazon.com and Its Amazing Success

Amazon.com is one of the most successful brands that are still kicking in today. The story behind its success is very inspiring as it started as a tiny online business at the garage of its founder. Jeff Bezos started his online retail business in 1994 at his garage. He left his former job as a vice president of D.E. Shaw & Co. Later, Bezos moved to Seattle, Washington, where he started to build his very own business.

His humble start-up was nestled in his garage and he began to focus on books. The first move was buying a domain called relentless.com which he later used Relentless as his business brand. However, he later changed the name to Amazon. Inspired by the greatness of Amazon River, Bezos wanted his business to be the biggest bookstore. And it turned out to be a dream come true for Bezos and Amazon. Besides the philosophy behind the name Amazon, it is also a common marketing strategy to choose A letter as it will appear on top of the brand list worldwide pendaftaran merek .

The reason why Bezos focused on books is that the demand for books and literature was high and readers were raving about that. The first book that was sold on Amazon.com was Douglas Hofstadter’s Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies: Computer Models of the Fundamental Mechanisms of Thought. The online bookstore only began to start in July 1995 and just 2 months after it started, Amazon successfully sold books to all the states in the US and 45 countries.
The sales reached up to $20,000 per week and Amazon.com finally announced itself to the initial public about its stock share. AMZN has become the symbol of Amazon.com for its stock exchange under NASDAQ. The share started $18 per share and it was available for the public.

At the very beginning, Jeff Bezos’s parents invested $250,000 for Amazon.com. This investment is proved to be very successful for them. Sure, just like any tiny start-up, it is always about skepticism that haunted business starter. But determination and hard work showed us the result that we call success.

Graduated from Princeton University and earned a degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Bezos had a good career before finally decided to start the online retail shop. In this case, Amazon.com is the broker that becomes the platform of products and online customers trademark indonesia.

Bezos was not afraid of other start-ups that might copy his business model. He believed that the brand itself will define how big a company can be. He believed that Amazon is a great and strong name for a company.

In 1999, the online shopping that became very popular led Jeff Bezos to earn the Person of The Year title given by Time Magazine. His movement had affected the trend of online shopping worldwide. It took 5 years for Amazon to finally gain profit. The revenue reached above $1 Billion in 2001.

Under the skepticism pressure, Bezos printed a motto on his employee’s t-shirt “Get Big Fast” in 1994. This reflected the growth of Amazon.com which in 1996 reached 180,000 customers. And the next year, Amazon.com already had 1,000,000 customer accounts.

As days go by, Amazon.com kept getting bigger and it’s expanded rapidly. In 1998, Amazon.com did not only sell books but also music and video sales. The year after, other products were also available on Amazon.com such as toys, software, electronics, video games, and many others. Jeff Bezos chose 20 products that he believed will become good sales worldwide.

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