July 25, 2024

Business Podcast for Entrepreneurs with Kids

The Pretty and Punk Podcast” is a business podcast for entrepreneurs with kids or thinking about having kids. Join Dadpreneur, Dan Caldwell, and Mompreneur, iLdiKo Ferenczi, as they interview the world’s most successful entrepreneurs
Power couples who have found a way to create the true meaning of success while challenged with juggling kids, being a husband or wife, and running amazing companies.

Dan and iLdiko are successful in their own right. Dan was a co-founder and president of the global brand TapouT. iLdiko is the founder of Canada’s first woman-owned architectural concrete company. Together this married couple are raising their two kids while also building a new business.

How are they able to do it all and have it all? Dan and iLdiKo invite you to listen to the Pretty and Punk podcast and get their tips and tricks for building incredible families and amazing companies.

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