July 20, 2024

Types of Red Wine

Cabernet Sovinon (Cabernet Sauvignon)

Cabernet Sovinon (Cabernet Sauvignon) it is most popular among red grades of grapes. It is grown up practically everywhere as it is not whimsical to environmental conditions. It is most extended in France, Italy, Austria, the USA, the republic of South Africa and Chile. Fruits of this grade contain a lot of tannin, therefore young wines from it tart enough. The highest value well sustained drinks till 15 years and more have, having taste and aroma of a black currant. For reception of soft grades of wines of Caberne Sovinon mix with Merlo or Cabernet of Fran, also it is possible to add Malbek and the Brevier of Berdo.

Game (Gamay)

From this grade Bozhole Novu well-known wine is traditionally made. It has deep red colour and the low maintenance of tannins. Distinguish grades which are better for drinking young, or capable to long endurance.

Merlo (Merlot)

This grade at the moment competes in popularity with Caberne Sovinon on grape grounds of Bordeaux. Merlo contains a tannin small amount, therefore wines from it possess a hollow body, deepcolour and soft plam or mint taste and aroma.
Nebbiolo (Nebbiolo)

Pino Nuar (Pinot Noir)

Pino Nuar is considered one of the most whimsical grades of a grapevine. Until recently it could grow only in Burgundy, with its not too warm, but also not too a frigid climate. However recently secrets of its cultivation have opened both in California, and in Chile, and in Australia. The most successful wines made from this grade, differ the sated bouquet of plam, cherry, date, orange and strawberry aromas. In the course of time endurances its taste becomes deeper.

Sanzhoveze (Sangiovese)

Sanzhovezemost comfortably feels in Tuscan region of Italy and in California. Wine from this grade turns out light-red colour, strongly acid, with an aroma of flowers and taste of fruit. Traditionally these grapes are used for manufacture of Kjanti.

Sira (Syrah, Shiraz)

This grade is grown up now in many regions of the world: Australia, Chile, California, Argentina, the republic of South Africa and others. But wines of a world class are made only from the grapes which have been grown up in a valley of Rhone in France, for example, Hermitage (Hermitage) and Cote-Rotie (Cat-roti). The drink turns out corpulent, dark red colour, with a range of aromas from fruit to smoked, resinous or peppered.

Tempranilo (Tempranillo)

Tempranilo – the most well-known Spanish grade of grapes. Wines from it turn out is dark-claret colour, with the small maintenance of acid and fruit aroma. They have good potential to ageing in wooden flanks.

Zinfandel (Zinfandel)

For the first time Zinfandel (Zinfandel) has started to be grown up in California. From this grade make a considerable quantity of various wines – from sweetish pink to rigid dark red with strongly pronounced berry aroma. Drinks which drink only young, and the wines demanding long-term endurance also differ.

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