December 5, 2023

A portable generator can be useful in many situations

Harbor Freight Predator 2000

Predator 2000, the last son of Harbor Freight’s “Predator’’ series, has evolved from its ascendants by adding its own features like easy mobility and more efficient fuel consumption. Although it inherits their high durability.

I liked this model because it had everything I needed. It’s easy to handle and transport, besides it manages its energy amount in order to cover my needs while I’m camping or tripping. It’s also handy to take on a boat, if you occasionally go out on fishing. It is also good for powering DIY equipment such as oscillation toolkit, MIG welder, brad nailer and so. Unfortunately, a portable model won’t provide enough energy if you will stay out for a very long time. It has a limited capacity, so it won’t work for you if you need a huge energy supply as shown in this Predator 2000 generator review .

If you’re going to use it in a residential area, buy a model that has a muffler to reduce the engine noise. You don’t want to annoy your neighbors, do you?

Features & Benefits

Now I will give a more detailed summary about the features and benefits of this model.

Efficient fuel consumption

The first issue to look at is the fuel system. If I should complain about any trait of this model, it would be its small fuel tank size, which sometimes can result quite inefficient. What I like about it, in the other hand, is that it runs on gasoline, which is the cheapest fuel you can buy and makes it economically easier to maintain. Anyway, using always gasoline can affect its performance, so I recommend you use fuel stabilizers.

Quiet energy

Now let’s talk about the noise generation. Let’s suppose that you want to use your generator in your backyard for a barbecue party, for example. You would want then a generator with low levels of sound emission. On the order of 60 decibels more or less. It rises up to only 61 decibels when working, due to a noise-reducing muffler. I use it home every now and then, and never heard any complaint by the neighbors.

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