July 20, 2024

This Ariens snow blower throws snow over 50 feet

I’ve been using snowblowers for decades and never had a machine that easy to drive! Not only for the Auto-Turn. Balance has much to do as well. That’s to say that if you’re outside with your machine it doesn’t get obstructed by normal obstacles. Ariens Deluxe 28 snowblower has a good counterweight to keep it balanced and working, and when you come upon something you really must lift the front over (like a rock or a piece of dung), you just lift it.

Ariens LCT Throttle

This engine includes a throttle. It is luckily set on the top of the motor. Those who like to idle the engine after a hard working will find it great. More than two hours runtime on a single tank load.

The new Auto-Turn Steering improves operability on this Ariens Deluxe 28” machine. I realized this feature loading the machine down the delivery truck. It has no levers to control the snowblower. It’s so easy, it’s difficult to describe. Move the bars towards wherever you want, and it will go there. It’s like driving a mower. Easier to operate than a pin-lock steering machine and a lot simpler to control than one lacking power steering.

A 245 cc engine is ideal for most of the snow we get in the US. Clearing my driveway, it seams capable of removing 12 or 14” snow without sweating like seen in this Ariens Deluxe 28 review. It would be nice if the Ariens had a 291 cc or 369 cc engine option.

I have carpets in my garage. I must always pick them up because they get messed up when I go over them with another snowblower. With the Auto-turn I can go over it, turn around, and the carpet stays flat. I could buy this machine just because of that.

I guess you’re wondering if the Auto-turn actually cuts side drifts. If the plow snow gets piled in a compact heap blocking your entrance, yes, you can take your Ariens and remove it.

Someone asked me about a clicking noise. This is only perceptible when the motor is off and you’re just transporting the machine. I will soon make a video about this issue.

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