April 24, 2024

Husqvarna meets strict environmental guidelines


Husqvarna 445 chainsaw has a 45.7 cc stroke X-Torque engine capable of delivering 2.8hp, which has been designed to improve fuel consumption, meet strict environmental guidelines for emissions and generate enough power for home and farm users.

The saw is very cheap to run. It reaches a maxium speed of 9000 rpm and an idling speed of 2.700 rpm. The fuel tank capacity is 0.95 US pint which equates to over 15 fluid ounces, and fuel consumption isa round 481 g/kWh. This means that you would use around 0.41 gallons per hour, but this will depend on the type of fuel used.

You should use unleaded fuel with a mínimum octane level of 87, although the higher octane level the better will be the performance, so we recommend you to use 90 octane or more fuel if you want to run the saw for a while at maxium revs. Husqvarna recommends to use their own specially formulated oil in a ratio of 50:1, this means that for every 10 liter of unleaded gas you should add 0.2 liter of two stroke oil as shown in these Husqvarna 445 reviews. Moreover, there’s a window on the fuel tank so you can check the fuel level without removing the cap.

The 445’s air injection system removes the larger dust particles before they reach the filter, so you won’t have to clean the filter so frequently. However, you will have to clean it from time to time, but this will be very easy because of the snap-lock cylinder cover and the screwless design.

Chain Oil System

The 445 has an automatic oil release system so you won’t have to oil the chain manually. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to adjust the flow of oil to adapt to different cutting conditions since it’s a fixed flow system,

There’s no window to check the level of chain oil in the reservoir, but the 445’s system should sensure that oil and gas will run out before the chain oil. The manufacturer recommends to use their own Premium oil which has a price of around $10 per quart, and in spite of the presence of this system, you should regularly check and top up the oil reservoir.

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