September 23, 2023

Save Money for the Long Term with Solar Wall Lights

If you’re still using those classic, incandescent bulbs for outdoor lighting, you might want to take some time to learn more about the efficiency of LED lighting, especially as it applies to solar wall lights. When you discover how well this lighting technology illuminates the area around your home or small business, as well as the walkways you and your family members use consistently, chances are you’ll be making a change.

It’s a Money Thing

But, there’s another reason why you should make the move from those traditional lighting fixtures to the newest and most dependable solar wall lights available. The reason can be stated in one word – money. Not only will you have the high-quality fixtures that provide outstanding light for safety and security, you’ll save in two definite ways. You see, these lights get their energy from the sun, which means you won’t be paying as much for better performance.

Solar Panels

If there’s a definition for clean power, “solar panels” is it. You won’t have to take up much space for these solar panels, however, because each fixture comes with its on rechargeable battery and “sunlight collector” that gives you the energy you need without wiring or large installations of panels to provide the power. During the day, the battery stores energy gathered from sunlight, and the energy is used to give you highly efficient LED lighting when the sun sets.
In addition, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are remarkably efficient, converting 80% to 90% of electrical energy to light. Your hard-earned money won’t be paying for energy that’s lost as heat, which is a major problem for incandescent bulbs, as you probably know. You’ll benefit from reading on, to learn more about solar wall lights, because you’ll see the return on investment you get for an outdoor lighting system of any size.

Extended Life – Less Time on Maintenance

These well-designed solar wall lights are designed for outdoor use, so you can rely on them to perform in all weather conditions. As mentioned, you won’t have to provide an additional source of electricity, so installation is easy and inexpensive (reduced labor costs is a key benefit). In addition to this obvious benefit, you won’t have to devote a lot of time to maintenance – replacing bulbs – because the useful life of LED fixtures is measured in thousands of hours, up to 50,000 hours in some settings.
Speaking of saving time on maintenance, these outstanding LED solar wall lights also contain a motion sensor in addition to the built-in solar panel. In addition to the durability you get from quality construction, you won’t have to worry about your outdoor lighting during the hottest months of summer or during a rain storm. They’re waterproof and heat-proof, and come with an exceptional warranty, 5 years standard, 10 years with available option.

Invest in Safety
These solar wall lights are a great investment when you’re concerned about the safety of family members, guests, and employees. But, you’ll also like the attractive design of your new lights, and will be proud to have them as an integral part of your property. The smart people are taking advantage of smart technology. Are you?

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