April 24, 2024

Tips for buying cheap watches in Tokyo

If you are browsing through this post, then we have been assured that you are a watch collector. This by no means implies that you are paying people so that they can get ahold of watches for you – the fun in the process is that you get out in the sun and look for timepieces yourself. If you’re somebody who is into collecting watches, then, you must also know that Japan – particularly Tokyo – is one of the hotspots to get hold of watches; however, Japan could call for a cumbersome procedure, altogether.

The fundamental problem that you are going to face when it comes to buying anything – let alone watches – in Tokyo, Japan is that you are going to have to manage the language barrier. It can become a little complicated when it comes to handling Japanese, efficiently; nonetheless, if you want a timepiece to yourself, then you are going to have to wander and adjust. Given the problems that you are likely to face, we have curated a list of things that you would like to consider:

  1. Language: The first and foremost thing that you are going to have to observe is a change in the language from that in your home country. However, there are companies in Tokyo which understand the zeal of watch-collecting and appropriate staff that are well-equipped in speaking the English language with complete fluency. You can haggle all you want because you would be able to understand what the other person is trying to convey and will also understand your concerns.

  2. Prices: Reminder – The watches that we are focusing at are supposed to be cheap! Thus, if there is a particular timepiece that you have been dreaming of getting ahold as soon as you get to Japan, then you are going to have to consider the price discrepancy that is going to occur when you buy the watch from Japan. You can lay hands over any particular watch outlet that exists in Tokyo and check the price of the watch there. Alternatively, you can go to the official website of the brand of the watch so that you are aware of the prices in accordance with the price guides available on these websites. It’s considered to be a good consumer quality if you are doing your price research beforehand.

  3. Mode of Payment: No matter what the price of the watch is- you must know that it is always good to have alternatives while you pay for anything since it is indispensable for you to have cash in hand when you are in a foreign land. However, paying in cash usually calls for discounts – so to make the watch all the more cheap, it is required of you to carry some money with you at all times.

  4. Authenticity: Well, Japan’s laws as far as false goods are concerned are very stringent. If you decide to buy your watch from a branded store then you are definitely going to benefit from the authenticity of the watches; however, if you are looking into a local store – you are going to have to be a little more than attentive to recognize whether you are dealing in a false good or not.

  5. Warranties: The warranty of a watch depends on the brand of the watch you are deciding to buy. If the watch is a Swiss watch, which has been purchased in Japan for its cheap rate, its warranty is going to prevail in your home country as well but if it is a Japanese watch – it is not necessary that its warranty is going to be valid in other countries apart from Japan. You might have to send the watch back to Japan so that any damage that has been caused to the watch can be amended. Thus, you have to be careful as to which watch you are going to opt for.

  6. Tax refund: A tourist can easily avail a tax refund because of the simple techniques that exist in the Japanese system. In order to get a refund for the amount of tax that you have paid – you must present the purchased goods along with their invoice. Another thing that you must be aware of is that when you are going to buy the watch, you are going to have to carry your passport along with you so that you qualify to be a certified tourist.

I hope that you are going to keep these tips in mind when you are going to consider watch-shopping in Tokyo, Japan. Feel free to share with us your experiences so that we can amend the list of tips in accordance and, also, the names of the shops you found most useful for buying watches of the sort.

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