June 19, 2024
HP printer cartridges

Care and Maintenance Tips for HP Printer Cartridges

HP printer cartridges are not cheap. In fact, these are among the most expensive consumables in most offices and homes. The good news is that there are several tested and proven ways that can help you make the most out of your printer cartridges. 

With the perfect balance of care and maintenance, you can prevent minor and major issues with your printer cartridges.

Caring for HP Printer Cartridges Before Installation 

It might sound straightforward to install a printer cartridge. After all, you just have to insert this into the allotted space on the inkjet printer. However, there are still several standard guidelines to follow before you install a printer cartridge. 

Check the cartridge carefully for any damage before installation. Check if the plastic pull tab or the clip of the cartridge is secured properly. You might have to take out the piece of plastic tape first covering the clip and the vent hole.

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Shake the cartridge well to help prime the ink. You can also try tapping the cartridge gently several times on a hard surface. Check the cartridge’s gold contact chip that you can often find on the side. This electrical component allows the printing device to gather data regarding the current levels of ink. 

Wipe the gold contact chip clean with a lint-free cloth if you accidentally touch it or notice any scratches, impurities, or dust on it. 

Caring for Printer Cartridges During Installation 

Different HP printer cartridges follow different installation procedures. See to it that you refer to the instruction manual of your printer. If there is no available manual, you can look online for a PDF version. You can also watch a YouTube video on how to install a cartridge. All you have to do is run a search using the model of your printer. 

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The printer cartridge must fit in easily. Never force its way in because you might damage the contact point or even dislodge another equally pricey printer consumable, the printhead. 

Don’t forget to switch the printer off before installing or removing HP printer cartridges. Turn off the printer using the power button. It will let the printer go back to its original position where it will be protected from drying up. 

Storage Tips for Printer Cartridges

Many people often make the mistake of not buying printer cartridges in bulk even if they print regularly. What they don’t realize is that they can save more in replacement ink costs if they buy a multipack.

However, if you have some extra cartridges, it is important to store them correctly. Below are some standard guidelines to follow for storing and protecting your printer cartridges:

  • Cover the nozzle of a partially used cartridge with polythene to form an airtight space. Put some duct tape around the cover if needed.
  • You should never store your printer cartridges for a long time. Make sure you know its expiry date which is often found on the label or stated in the description of the product online. 
  • Store HP printer cartridges in a dark spot. Never leave them exposed to extreme cold or heat or store them inside a hot vehicle. 

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