April 24, 2024

Top 5 Destinations to travel in Melbourne

Most of the travelers will tell you that they enjoyed their stay in Melbourne not because it’s a cool and a fantastic city in Australia but there are hundreds of tourists’ attractions here. There are many incredible places in Melbourne that you can spend your time in. Most of the tourist attractions we uncover here are less than 2 hours drive from the city. The city is pampered with chic neighborhoods, sleek architecture, fibrous streets and some of the best rooftop bars. This means that you can at any time enjoy your time in Melbourne without spending a lot of money.

Flinders street station

On the corner of Swanston streets and Flinders, there’s this very beautiful building that serves as a very popular tourist attraction site. This station serves as the central railway station networking most of the parts of the city. It was started in 1854 and was at the time the first railway station in Australia. There are few things to do here but you can at any time visit to know some history.

The crown

This is a huge and a very active entertainment complex which is just few meters from Yarra River. This site is just at the heart of the city and hence you will not have to travel for so long to get here. It is set between the Princess and Queens Bridge. You will have a chance to interact with some of the best restaurants, café, nightclubs, hotels, shops, cinemas and crown casino.

Luna Park

Luna Park is situated at st. Kilda and it serves as a historic amusement park. The park was opened in 1912 and up to now it still serves the people. Here, you will have a chance to see the world’s oldest but still functioning roller coaster.

China Town

This town dates back to the first Australian Gold rush when Chinese had some interests in the Australian Gold. It actually dates back to 1851. This is the time when people first landed in Australia. China Town extends from Little Bourke street to the corners of Spring streets. The place is very peaceful and very calm for even people to commute without any issues. This means you don’t have to worry about security. You can walk around her streets worry free. The Town also features some of the best rooftop bars, markets, shopping centers, restaurants and the Chinese Museum.

The Royal Botanic Gardens

At the heart of the city, there’s this botanic garden that you can relax for some time and if possible take a picnic with your lover. The garden features some of the rare tree species and at the same time hosts a serene environment for dates and picnics. Its situated at the middle of the city. What this means is that it’s always a nice place to end your day or even to take a break from the busy town life. Just spare some time on a sunny day and bring a picnic with you.

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