April 13, 2024

Save money by opting for car hire a Ljubljana airport

Are you planning to visit Ljubljana for business purposes or traveling to the capital of Slovenia along with the members of your family for a vacation? For your information, the distance from the airport to the heart of the city is approximately 26 kilometers. You might end up spending a huge sum of money, which you could have otherwise used for purchasing gifts and souvenirs if you commute from the airport to the city center in a cab. You can easily save this sum by opting for the services of Vehicle Rent, a company that specializes in offering car hire at Ljubljana airport.

Pay only for the fuel you use

The best advantage of opting for their services is that you do not have to pay money by the hour. Vehicle Rent offers a wide range of cars and you can select the one you want. You should book the car of your choice through their website at least a week before your departure date as most tourists and executives depend on the services of this company for their car hire Ljubljana Airport requirements. Complete this simple task by filling up their online form with the pickup date and location and the drop off date and location. The company fills the vehicle with fuel and sends it to Ljubljana Airport before your arrival.

No cancellation charges

You only pay a one time charge. The only additional expenditure is the cost of fuel. This depends on the distance you plan to travel during your stay in Ljubljana. Once you complete the online booking process, you can print the voucher. While other companies too also offer such services, they charge much more and demand a cancellation fee. Depend only on Vehicle Rent for car hire Ljubljana Airport facilities and cut down on transportation costs.


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