July 20, 2024

The KC2000 is the most sold EdgeStar kegerator

It’s ideal for those who start using home kegerators since it has all the features required at an economical cost. The EdgeStar 2000 is made for home use only, and has an adjustable thermostat, making sure that you will have your drink served at a proper temperature.

This is an autonomous model, and will get together well with your other kitchen utensils. You can choose between a single or a dual tap system, which lets you to dispense two different drinks from the same machine. Since this is a small volume fridge, it has no space for a third tap.

This model is able to hold ¼ or ½ barrel kegs. Coors, Miller, rubberized or oversized kegs won’t fit. A five pounds CO2 cylinder comes with this kegerator. It can reach the low-30s or mid-40s.

The parts are really strong and will last for a very long time. The machine stands on roller wheels which make it easy to move around.

This is an ideal purchase for starters, having the features of fancier models. You can choose between black or stainless-steel finish.


  • Able to hold ¼ or ½ barrel kegs
  • Temperature average between low-30s and mid-40s
  • Protective metal bottom disk for making it stronger and last longer.
  • Dual trip tray
  • It includes a stainless-steel draft column, chrome-plated brass faucet, coupler, gauge regulator, air and beer lines, 5lb carbon dioxide tank, spanner wrench and tap handle.


  • Unable to hold some traditional keg brand.

The KC2000 is the most sold EdgeStar kegerator. This is an appliance for starters, and meets the needs of most users who want a full-size kegerator for craft brew or standard beer serving as seen also in this edgestar kc2000 review. If you can’t disburse a bunch of money to buy a more consistent model, this could be your choice. At about $400 or $500, the KC2000 is a great buying.

The two-taps KC2000 was the first kegerator I bought. It’s compact and elegant. It looks nice in our hall and doesn’t clash with the space. You don’t even notice its presence. So you won’t worry about it highlighting like a rarity at home. It’s also very dependable and it’s been NSF approved. Air and beer lines meet severe requirements for food and hygiene safety.

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