July 20, 2024

Yamaha is already well-known for the quality of their products

You would obviously prefer the sound and feel of a real classic piano, but not everyone is willing to pay thousands of dollars. If you’re only beginning to learn an instrument you must certainly won’t pay that amount.

What You Should Know Before Buying This Piano

Yamaha P45 digital piano is a good fit if you want a portable instrument that gets as close to the sound of an acoustic as possible. It has the full range of 88 keys, so you lose nothing in that department.

This is an instrument that will give you the closest sound to a real acoustic piano possible with the capability of being small sized and you can fit it anywhere. It has the exact same features with its 88 range keys, so there’s nothing you’ll be missing.

What I Like About P-45

You can choose between nine different sound in which you can find electric piano, organ, even strings, among others. This is obviously not an antique piece of antique vintage furniture, so if you want anything like that, don’t purchase this product.

Key Action & Playing Feel

One the things I loved the most about this product is the Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) action. This feature of the P45 will make you feel like you’re playing a real piano as seen in this Yamaha P45 digital piano review .

Basically, the weight of the keys gets heavier as you move down the range of the piano. If you are looking for a digital piano with the feel of the real thing, this is the most affordable option. There are actual mini hammers in the piano, which is why it has the actual feel.

The GHS consists of the keys getting heavier as you move down the range of the piano, as it happens in a classic real one. This feature only appears in high-end pianos, but if you want it in an entry-level one this might be your best option. Once you dominate playing this, you’ll be immediately able to play a real grand piano. This is the least expensive piano on the market offering this feature of hammer action by the moment. Many other models in this price range just use springs.

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