December 5, 2023

Weber Grill is affordable and reliable

Weber Spirit E-210

The new Spirit E-210 is the smaller and less expensive grill released by Weber so far. Its incorporated tables are foldable and this new design has the knobs and control valves in the front, making it easier to control and leaving more space in the tables.

The Spirit-E210 redesigned by Weber has front control panel that allows you to fold down the side tables like shown in this Weber Spirit E-210 review. This feature is ideal for small sized yards that most of people have. You don’t need a lot of space to have a full grill experience.


  • Foldable side tables
  • High quality


  • It is less stainless
  • No extra features


  • Two stainless steel tubular burners of 13,250 BTU
  • Primary cooking area measures 360 square inches and total cooking area of 450 square inches
  • 26,500 BTUs from the main burners
  • Cooking grates mad of porcelain-coated cast iron
  • Electric ignition (AA-Battery)
  • Porcelain enameled steel, stainless steel (400 series) and cast aluminum construction
  • Fold down side tables
  • Propane tank gauge and hood mounted thermometer
  • Cover and propane tank sold separately
  • Sold as propane or natural gas – not convertible
  • Made in China

Weber Spirit II E-310 is equipped with 2-burner gas grill that can generate 26,500 BTUs of heat under 360 square inches of porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grates. Weber Spirit II E-310 may not be very powerful but its amazing heat transfer compensates it and makes it ideal for hamburgers and steaks. It has a wide range of temperature so you can cook however you like. It might be a little difficult to cook big pieces like chicken or large cuts but that’s to expect when buying a small grill.

Even though Weber has been abandoning their high quality productions in order the make them cheaper, overall the construction is good. Sure, it doesn’t assures the durability of the past but it’s still a reliable grill. It’s constructed with enameled steel in most of the body, and this brand is popular for the quality of its products made with this material.

Actually, the Spirit line of gas grill are the mainstream models of Weber.

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