December 5, 2023

Foods Burn Belly Fat

Yes, foods burn belly fat too. When you supplement your exercise routine with the right kinds of food, you will be able to flaunt a trimmer waistline more easily. The best foods that can help you accomplish this are the ones that are rich in protein and fiber. Listed below (in random order) are some foods that you must include in your diet when you want to lose fat in the belly area.

Forget all the bad things you may have heard about this protein rich food, as recent research has shown that eggs are indeed good for you. One of the best foods that burn belly fat, the vitamin B12 contained in eggs help break down fat cells present in the body. The protein content on the other hand makes you feel full for longer. If too many egg yolks are a bother, eat egg whites only and you will still be achieving your fat loss goals.

When eaten in moderation, beans like black beans, lima beans, white beans and navy beans can help you burn belly fat. Beans are great sources of iron, fiber and protein, and black beans are considered especially beneficial for women who wish to lose abdomen fat. Including black beans in your diet will make you feel full for a good amount of time too.

Low Fat Dairy
Include plenty of low-fat milk, cheese and plain yoghurt in your meal plans and you will see the pounds around your waist melt away. The calcium content not only helps keep your bones strong, it is also what makes these foods great for burning belly fat. Studies conducted on this topic have shown that fat loss in the belly area was more in those who ate three servings of calcium-rich and low-fat dairy products daily, as opposed to those who did not.

Though this food may not score very high on the taste quotient, as far as nutrition and fat loss goes, it is a sure winner. The ideal combination of soluble fiber, protein and carbohydrates, oatmeal keeps you feeling full and is the perfect alternative to breakfast foods like ham and bacon, or pancakes with syrup.

Olive Oil
One of those “good fats”, go with olive oil as it is certainly one of those foods that burn belly fat. It is loaded with monounsaturated fat, which is a kind of fat that has overwhelmed researchers with its fantastic health benefits. You will be surprised to know that an ounce of extra virgin olive oil packs in a whopping 85 percent of the daily dietary recommendation of monounsaturated fat.

Lean Meat
When you want to list out foods that burn belly fat, you must include grass-fed lean beef, turkey, chicken and fish. Protein rich and low in carbohydrate content, lean meat is your best buddy when on a weight loss plan. Make sure you consume plenty of tuna, salmon and redfish as they are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, just like grass-fed lean beef. Fish oil supplements too work wonders when trying to lose fat.

On your list of foods that burn belly fat, remember to include almonds, peanuts, whey protein, berries, green vegetables, whole grains, avocados, apples, lemons, papaya, green tea, garlic and lentils. Drink plenty of water, cut out white sugar and excess salt, combine regular exercise, and these foods will burn belly fat for you in no time.

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