June 19, 2024
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When to Give Dry Dog Food to Your Puppy

Puppyhood is probably the most exciting part of dog ownership. It marks the beginning of your new life together, a particular time when you form a lifetime friendship. However, it can also be a very confusing period, especially if you have no idea what to give them. When can you start giving dry dog food to your pup, then? 

Puppies get vital nutrition by nursing their momma dog from birth. However, these adorable cuties tend to grow up too fast. And before you even know it, they will try to eat solid foods in just a matter of weeks after birth. 

This is also when their mother will wean them off her milk. Once they are ready to eat solid foods, it is where you enter the picture. You must prepare dry or wet food so your new pup will get all the nutrients he needs to grow into a solid, big adult dog. 

Weaning Your Puppy 

Weaning often happens once a puppy ages four to five weeks. This is when pups gradually transition from milk to solid, also considered a critical stage in a dog’s development. When a puppy is born, they exclusively rely on its mother’s milk. 

If a puppy continues feeding on milk for a long time, the transition will get even more challenging. Weaning is also necessary because the mother needs to rest and take a break from caring for her little ones. 

The how and why we feed the puppies with the best puppy food mush for the first time!

Weaning takes around four weeks, so you have to be extra patient. Your puppy will also require a mushy texture, so always watch what gets into their mouth both outside and during dinner time. Once the four weeks of weaning have passed, your puppy should already have his complete set of teeth, from eight to ten weeks old. 

How to Achieve a Mushy Consistency for Puppy Food 

healthy dry dog food
Liquid and dry dog food is a mushy consistency perfect for your puppy. You should allow the kibble to soak the liquid before you mash it with a spoon to achieve the preferred consistency.

A mushy consistency is a combination of liquid and dry dog food.

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