April 13, 2024

Leading Comfort Foods That Are Surprisingly Good For You

There is a good reason why certain foods are referred to as comfort foods – they are soothing to one’s soul, tickles one’s taste buds and brings back warm memories. Unfortunately, a great deal of comfort foods is laden with fat and unhealthy sugar quantities, while others are deep-fried or smothered in cheese. But there are still some comfort foods out there that are actually good for you and can help you in losing weight. Here are some snug eats that can help you to battle your bulge:

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Steaming hot chocolate

Considered to be a super food in some circles, cocoa present in hot chocolate is packed with healthy and heart friendly antioxidants that can help in bringing down the levels of stress hormones known as cortisol in the body. In particular study conducted at the University of Cornell, it was seen that the concentration of antioxidants present in hot chocolate is more than six times seen in black tea. The proper blend of protein and carbohydrates found in hot chocolate can help the body’s muscles from recovering quicker and faster from a gruelling workout, based on a study conducted by the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism. In addition, you could also add a cinnamon stick or sprinkling of cinnamon powder in hot chocolate to not only boost the flavour but also add to the health benefits. Cinnamon contains important elements that help in keeping the insulin out of the bloodstream and preventing the body from storing fat.

Collard greens

A staple diet in the southern states of US, the reputation of Collard greens goes far beyond than just a comfort food. It is packed with immune strengthening benefits, vitamins A and K, over 8 g of fibre and just 45 calories. According to research from the Department Of Agriculture, it is seen that consuming fibre rich foods such as Collard greens can help in considerably lowering the body’s absorption of calories from carbohydrates.

Chicken stock noodle soup

Who has not comforted from a steaming bowl of chicken noodle soup, especially during cold and dreary days? According to a study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, individuals who consumed hot chicken noodle soup before going in for their main meals reduced their total intake of calories by over 30%. This is because the water in the soup helps in filling up and boosting the satiety while the act of slowly consuming the hot soup helps in slowing down the process of eating as the body takes its time to give back feelings of satiety. In addition, chicken noodle soup contains a good deal of protein, important vitamins and necessary fibre needed to drive the metabolism even after the main meal.

Piping hot pot roast

No sooner than your mouth starts to swallow proteins, it begins to fight the fat in the body. Consuming protein means that the body has to work doubly hard to break it down and utilise it for purposes of energy; which is an indication that as you are digesting the protein you are actually burning more calories. According to the Nutrition Metabolism Journal, a study conducted among dieters revealed that participants who increased their intake of protein to over 35% of their total diet consumed less than 450 calories each day. Over a period of 12 weeks, the entire exercise revealed that dieters shed over 11 pounds of weight, without having to do any other activity.

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