June 19, 2024
Dual mass flywheel for a car

Dual Mass Flywheel Failure – What are the Signs and Symptoms You Should Know?

Diagnosing failing dual mass flywheels can be a bit tricky since majority of the symptoms might also mean problems with clutch itself. A good assessment involves a visual inspection of every component. However, if there are other issues, your dual mass flywheel might be the culprit.

How to Know If Your Dual Mass Flywheel is Failing?


Such vibrations may be felt usually on the car’s floor and are due to failure of springs and some internal components. It results directly to the inability of the flywheel to dampen tremors with use and it should be replaced.


Once you hear lots of banging or rattle sounds from the bellhousing, dual mass flywheel has failed. Such noises may be very loud and it must be replaced at the soonest date possible.

What is a Dual Mass Flywheel and how does it work?
Dual mass flywheel


When the clutch slips because of wear, you will get a burning smell like gear oil and burnt bread mixed together. Usually, it happens first in higher gears because of high gear ratios as well as increased wind resistance. If you don’t smell facings burning up once it’s happening, it’s the dual mass flywheel that’s slipping and it should be replaced.

If you are experiencing such problems, it is time to inspect the flywheel and clutch visually.

What Should You Do When Your Dual Mass Flywheel Failed?

There are some options you can take for consideration once you have a failing dual mass flywheel and these include the following:

Replace OE Dual Mass Flywheel with OE-Spec Replacement

OE-spec replacement dual mass flywheel would restore with the stock performance and feel of the vehicle. Of course, the downside is the cost. Generally, replacement dual mass flywheel is more expensive than a single mass flywheel conversion kit.

Convert to Single Mass Flywheels

If you have increased your engine’s horsepower or you’re interested in long-term flywheel durability as well as minimal repair costs, it’s a great idea to convert to single mass flywheel.

How to Replace a Dual Mass Flywheel?

Like lots of the parts on modern automobile, dual mass flywheel is a compromise. The best thing about it is that dual mass flywheel reduces the torsinal vibrations and some related noises. Unfortunately, dual mass flywheel is expensive and more prone to failure compared to single mass systems.

How to Remove and replace transmission DSG DFM dual mass flywheel remove and replace R & R TDI vw

Single mass conversion kit replaces a dual mass flywheel with a more robust and much simpler system. While single mass system would be noisier than the dual mass system, it’ll be more reliable, particularly in high torque or low idle rpm applications.

Should You Consider a Single Mass Flywheel Instead of a Dual Mass?

Generally, you can easily decide if you will consider a single mass flywheel. If you are willing to tolerate a little more drivetrain vibration, you can improve your car’s reliability.

Aside from that, single mass flywheel conversion kit is less expensive compared to dual mass flywheel replacement. Once you have converted, the clutch of your vehicle will last longer, be less expensive to service in the long run, and would be far less likely to be discontinued in comparison to dual mass flywheel setup.

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