June 24, 2024
power steering oil

Lubricated steering wheel for healthy machines

Before automakers introduced power steering in the 1950s, drivers had to work a lot harder to keep their vehicles straight or just turn. The simple driving mechanisms of over half a century ago have fortunately been replaced with more complex driving systems that allow vehicles to be maneuvered with less effort.

Hydraulic power steering is an integral part of a safe and efficient driving system, and keeping it in good condition by regularly checking fluids and observing for leaks can help ensure your car is running as efficiently as possible.

Welcome to this short journey to discover how hydraulic power steering works, how to identify problems, and what you can do to get the system working properly.

power steering oil for your car
The system consists primarily of an assembly of a hydraulic pump that allows the power steering oil to exert force on the vehicle’s steering to turn the tires.

What is power steering?

Power steering is an automotive system that uses a separate engine or engine power to reduce the effort required to turn the front wheels. The assistance helps drivers to drive the car and facilitates maneuvering at lower speeds. This is a welcome feature when cornering at low speed and when parking.

There are three types of power steering in modern vehicles.

• Hydraulic

• Electric

• Electro-hydraulic hybrid

A power steering pump is needed for efficient power steering

All three power steering systems perform the same function but use different methods. Each variety adds more energy to help drive a vehicle, allowing the driver to use fewer muscles to turn the steering wheel. What interests us, however, is the first, the most widespread.

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