December 5, 2023
Oil filter for a car

Car Filters and Their Different Types and Roles

If you are scared of the photos of the lungs of smokers, pictures of dirty car filters will probably scare you just the same. 

While you might already be familiar with your car’s interior, how well do you know about those parts under the hood? Car engines will never work properly without clean fuel, air, and oil. The filters are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the engine as they keep the contaminants out while allowing clean liquids and air to pass through.

There are different types of filters used in vehicles today and these are the following:

Air Filters 

A dirty air filter is the common why older cars have engines that sputter and puff out black smoke. Way before a new car puffs smoke, the check engine light is going to come since the air filter is already past its prime.

Air Filter - Ford Escort
Air Filter for Ford Escort

Air filters are simple air intake components that ensure that the air that goes into the engine is clean of any contaminants. This screen will keep out road prime, water, bugs, dirt, pollen and anything else that can blow into your car’s grill. 

Air car filters are also among the simplest and easiest parts to clean or change. 

Cabin Filters 

It doesn’t matter if you are using your car’s air conditioner or not because the cabin air filter will keep the pollen, dust, as well as other air pollutants out of that air you that you breathe while you drive. 

This cabin air filter is one part of your ventilation system. It is the rectangular screen that keeps exhaust fumes, dust, dirt, leaves,, bugs, and pollen out of the air inside the car. 

Video: What Does A Cabin Air Filter Do, And How Does Your Car’s AC System Work? – Explained – 3D Animation

Cabin air filters also prevent the gunk from clogging up the AC system of your vehicle. These car filters can be found under the dash, at the back of the glove compartment, or under the hood. 

Fuel Filters 

Fuel is still clean the moment it leaves the refinery. It is then transferred to gas station tanks and trucks where it can acquire contaminants before it goes into vehicles. Fuel filters keep water, grime, and dirt out of your car’s engine. 

Fuel filters are cartridges found in the fuel line. There is a screen in the cartridge that catches rust, dirt, and other kinds of debris present in the fuel before this goes through to fuel injector. 

Once it is time to change a fuel filter, you might notice some sluggishness than normal in your vehicle or it may suddenly misfire without any reason. Many manufacturers suggest that fuel car filters must be changed every 30,000 miles or two years, whichever comes first. 

Oil Filters

Oil is necessary for lubricating the different engine components working together for a vehicle to run. With no oil, the engine will overheat fast and parts will experience premature wear out. But, whenever oil circulates in the engine, this can get contaminated. 

Oil filters keep dirt and debris out of the oil as the engine runs. It is critical to have a properly functioning oil filter for your car’s fuel mileage, engine life, and smooth operation. 

All four types of Silux car filters can keep your vehicle running smoothly for you to have a worry-free and safe drive all the time.

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