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Bioskinrepair Reviews

Petasites japonicus (Butterbur, フキノトウ)
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The skin is often scarred by skin blemishes, skin conditions, and medical conditions such as acne, keloids scars, hiperpigmentation and other skin related conditions. Therefore, BIOSKINREPAIR is a natural remedy to the skin as it helps to clear scars at the same time offer deep skin therapy by controlling acne bacteria, preventing ingrown hairs, protecting the skin from UV rays damage and the many other benefits. One may want to know the kind of ingredients used by BIOSKINREPAIR in order to achieve this kind of benefits. Some of the product’s ingredients include:

  • Distilled water which is a solvent
  • Peg-4 which is an emulsifier extracted from olive oil
  • Sorbitan Olivate which is the skin’s moisturizer and also derived from olive oil
  • Squalene acts as an antioxidant and a moisturizer also derived from olive oil
  • Hyaluronic Acid which contain 1% of its solution and also moisturizer
  • It also contains an extract from Butterbur herb, and a root extract from Petasites Japonicus which are anti-itching compounds.
  • It also has Glycerin, phenoxyethanol which is a preservant, an extract of the Elder Tree which is an anti-inflammatory and a vascular regulator.
  • Then it also has ethylhexylglycerin which acts as a preservant enhancer and surfactant.

Benefits of the BIOSKINREPAIR ingredients
There are many benefits that can be noticed by using this BIOSKIN product and some of these benefits will enhance your skin health and reduce the aging effects on your skin.

a. The ingredients will help in retaining that youthful look on your face. The fountain of youth ingredient is the hyaluronic acid which acts as a skin moisturizer thus contributes significantly to skin hydration, its lubrication and cellular function. One of the positive aspects of this ingredient is that it helps your skin to hold more water making it smoother and reduce wrinkles on your face and so does glycerin.

b. It also has ingredients that act as preservants which protect the skin from bacteria and moulds and yeasts. Therefore, they act as bactericides and will assist in the prevention of skin blemishes and build up of acne bacteria.

In other words, BIOSKINREPAIR acts as a skin remedy and assists the skin regenerate itself, it also hastens the healing of skin especially those with post-surgical scars and more so, assists the skin repair its with minimal scarring. This should assure those using the product that it has natural ingredients with minimal side effects giving it a higher rank in the list of skin care products.

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