February 6, 2023

Acne scar removal

Acne scar removal consists of many treatments and procedures to remove acne scars from a person’s face and body to make them look better. However, there is one preventative treatment that helps to treat existing appearances of old scars and prevents any new scars from forming, generally. Silicone scar treatment is an innovative method of removing acne scars, though at present there have been few scientific studies done t prove that the treatment works. However, people who have used it are also one of the best studies available, people who have experienced healing with this treatment. It the success of this treatment due to the increase of hydration of the skin during and post healing? What is the secret?

Most silicon treatments contain either dimethicone or semiocclusive petroleum jelly in order to speed any healing, as well as reducing any appearances of the scars concerned. It may well be that the cream works in a similar fashion to silicon type scar sheets. As with the sheets, nothing has yet been studied enough to verify claims about them.

Another alternative is a pressure dressing, quite often used for the management of hypertrophic and burn scars. Though with this there is little formal evidence, the elasticity of the materials and gauze when applied to the area provides pressures which for bigger scars and burns are believed to soften and flatten the scars as the injury heals. Ultrasonic and retrospective studies in the 60s gave some support for using them, but the clinical trials were sound randomized that no formal recognized statistics have been significantly gathered to prove that they aid in healing wounds.

Currently a lot of the treatments for scars are in their infancy. The use of silicon no doubt does soften the skin, hydrating it, given that silicon is a major ingredient in medicines and over the counter products to treat extremely dry skin and other conditions. The use of pressure as a means of stopping scars from taking on a shape of their own seems logical in itself, but without sufficient studies, the question still remains if these acne scar treatment procedures are more about psychological treatment or preventative wishful thinking.

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