April 24, 2024

Mederma Advanced Scar Cream Review

Mederma Cream is a top therapy that uses onion extract for treating stretch marks. It topically helps to make them appear less visible, but like all stretch mark creams, this one cannot do anything to stop the formation of stretch marks. In fact, the cream uses amazing ingredients to produce much reduced scarring and even fade the stretch marks enough to ensure that they are less visible than they once were.

Vital ingredients used by this cream include three types. Cepalin is an onion extract that the makers of the cream have specially patented. They also add in centella Asiatic leaf extract and hyaluronic acid, a special type of agent that enables the skin to remain soft and subtle without becoming dehydrated. The onion extract is the active mechanism by which skin irritations are greatly reduced and thus texture and colour changes in the scars are made to appear much more like the surrounding skin. However, no trials have scientifically proven that the onion extract has any affect on scarring, let alone stretch marks. In fact, pilot type evaluations showed the use of any topical onion type extract on scars gained after surgery to be totally ineffective. Whether or not Mederma cream works on stretch marks on your body is therefore down to the chemistry in your body in comparison to someone else’s.

Using the cream is unfortunately not without its side effects. However, they are usually quite harmless and nothing more than uncomfortable. Most drug stores where the cream can be picked up are happy to provide a list of these, as well as any precautions about potential medicine interactions that you might have to be cautious about.

Buying the cream is probably the easiest part about deciding whether or not to use it. Most online websites carry the cream, as well as standard large sellers such as eBay and Amazon. Regular stores and drug stores readily carry the cream. However, the opinions of acne sufferers is mixed regarding this cream. If you must use it, save yourself money by borrowing some off a friend and then seeing how it works for you. If you like it, then buy it. If not, find something different and keep shopping around, or better still, speak to your doctor.

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