April 24, 2024

Prefer On

Prefer On is a skincare product for dealing with scarring.  There have been questions as to its ability to effectively treat scars in comparison to other products on the market, mainly as a result of questions about some of its ingredients that may allegedly dilute any silicon that is included, a known important element in treating scars.

Prefer On is supposed to smooth and soften the appearance of most scars, but is generally easier to use given that it is applied on the skin using a stick type applicator.  The product also does contain silicone which has been shown for many years to have good effects on scars, regardless of their age, reducing their appearance considerably.  Evidence of onion extract having any effects at all on scars has not yet been found.  As such, the product is much cheaper than other products because of the limited amount of silicone.  Unfortunately, the website has limited information for consumers, making it harder for consumers to make learned choices about which skincare product is best for them.  In fact, reviews outside of the website are showing that some people are seeing no improvements at all, despite what the product manufacturers are claiming.  However, without proper studies, many consumers are questioning whether paying for this product is worth the risk, given that they need a product that has been proven to work and contains proven ingredients versus ones still open to question.  Whether or not the onion extract has any affect at all on all people is simply not known.

Prefer On contains ingredients that are mainly chemical in nature, save the onion extract.  These include Iodopyropyl butylcabamate, Tetrasodium EDTA, Steareth 21, Trithanolamine Tocopheryl Acetate, Diazolidinyl Urea, PEG 8 Silicone, Sodium Stearate and Propylene Glycol water.  These are all combined into a point thirty-five ounce size container.

So, what should you the consumer think about all of this? Well, the product is popular, mainly because it is by a recognized brand name.  Whether scar treatment is really its strong point is still open to question as the quantity of silicon contained within the product is not only minimal, but greatly diluted by varied other chemical products.  Therefore, before buying this product, consult with a skin expert or your doctor for recommendations and see what they think as they will know exactly what is best for your skin and scars.

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