April 24, 2024

Scar Esthetique

Scar Esthetique is a type of scar improvement cream that uses effective and quality ingredients to reduce scar appearance and is considered one of the best on the current market.  Not only can it be used on most scars, but most importantly keloid, C-section, hypertrophic, burn and surgical varieties.  When applied several times daily, the cream helps the user get visible results in just days, though the older the scar, the longer it will take to take effect.  For the best results, the cream is recommended to be used with the highly effective silicone sheets.


Scar Esthetique claims to be able to treat three major scar types in just a single product.  It combines ingredients and proven antioxidants to effectively tackle scars via scar and skin cells.  By using it in conjunction with the sheeting, the combination of cream and sheeting adds needed softening to the scar, further reducing its appearance.  The vitamin E is further accentuated by onion extract, though the extract has not yet been scientifically proven alone to have any effects on scars.  Additionally, the cream include glucosamine, enabling the increase of skin structure support, the improvement of the skin’s tone and the reduction of fine lines.  Because the cream works inside of the cells, it has been shown to be a more effective form of scar treatment.

The main ingredients used in Scar Esthetique include mainly natural ingredients, many of which have shown to improve skin texture, appearance and subtleness considerably in other skin care products, including moisturizing products used by many consumers.  These include shea butter, algae extract, retinyl palmitate, comfrey, calendula, seaweed extract, grape seed extract, chitosan, allantoin, amica, beta carotene, saccharmoyces lysate, ascorbyl palmitate, copper peptide, D. Algae extract, vitamin E, bisabolol, palmitoyl otigopeptide, coenzyme Q 10, palmitoyl terapeptide 3, pycnogenol and dimethicone.  These are of course in addition to the ingredients mentioned earlier.  So, as a result, the ingredients that the cream is using have a much higher success rate of treating unsightly scarring, though it should be noted that each person’s skin is considerably different and as such the results may vary from person to person.

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