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Dr. Blaine’s Scar Care

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Say Goodbye to Scars for Good – Dr. Blaine’s Scar Care Kit, FDA-Approved

Dr. Blaine’s Scar Care products are said to be the best over the counter scar treatments available on the market. They are designed to effectively diminish or even remove scars and spotting on the skin in the minimum amount of time, and all without a prescription or expensive and unpleasant practices.

Developed by Blaine Labs, Dr. Blaine’s Scar Care products is the strongest and most effective scar diminishing and skin lightening treatment available over the counter, and it is FDA approved and patented. It has been clinically proven to flatten and fade, if not completely remove, any scar, regardless of its age.

Dr. Blaine’s Complete ScarCare® Treatment Kit promises to flatten and fade any type of scar, including acne marks, burn scars, surgical scars (including C-section scars), keloid scarring, stretch marks, hypertrophic scars and many other. It improves the general appearance, color and texture of both new and old scars, and the effects are visible within a few days of treatment. Scars start to look softer and smoother almost immediately, and after a period of regular use they will simply blend in.

The medically-formulated E-Sil solution contained in Dr. Blaine’s Scar Care products combines vitamin E with antioxidants in order to promote healthy skin and rapidly improve the appearance of scars. For best results, use regularly following the directions.

After washing your hands and the scarred area you want to treat, dry the skin thoroughly and cut the gel pad as needed to fit the scarred site. The edges of the gel pad should overlap the scarred area by roughly ¼ inch. The gel pad should not be removed for 12 hours, yet if you cannot keep it for so long the minimum is 8 hours per day. The latex-free gel pad is made from high-end medical-grade silicone and is washable and reusable. Although the visible results are almost immediate, it is important to continue the treatment for the full 90 days period.

Anyone who has tried Dr. Blaine’s Scar Care products has nothing but praise for the kit. Reviews and testimonies say that this product has done more in a few days than other treatments did in months. Moreover, some people even used the treatment on keloid scars that had been surgically removed, yet recurred, and said that Dr. Blaine’s kit is the only product that works on scars. If you are still not convinced, the product comes with a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied by the results.

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