September 23, 2023

Adya Clarity Scam

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Adya Clarity Scam – Is There a Truth to This?

Not long ago, a certain Japanese doctor and scientist discovered that black mica, a rock found in a variety of metamorphic and igneous rocks contains the most abundant minerals. But his discovery doesn’t end there. He claimed that minerals that are extracted from black mica have certain nourishing and healing power to people. He came up with a way or method that’s patented to extract minerals from this particular mineral rock and sustains them in an ionized form. Adya clarity is a black mica product that is becoming more and more popular around the world. However, some people who have tried out this product claim that it doesn’t do any good to them and they even consider it Adya clarity scam.

Some people who have bought adya clarity claim that it’s worth every penny they’ve spent because they have felt the benefits of using the product. It has been found that the ionized water produced by the product fertilizes the vegetables, making its consumers become rejuvenated and healthier. However, some people also claim that it’s more or less adya clarity scam. Some sellers of the product have demonstrated that adya clarity can actually treat and clean the water. The founder of adya clarity showed or demonstrated how a filthy lake or pond water can be transformed into crystal clear, pristine and safe to drink water out of the product. But some health experts also found that the acidity rate of this product is not ideal for regular consumption or intake. This explains why some health professionals call it adya clarity scam. They believe that not only it is highly priced, but it harms one’s health at the same time.

Before one actually believes a certain statement, it’s always safe to do some research about adya clarity. Just because some websites claim that it is indeed a scam it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is indeed one. Some people can attest that adya clarity really works, but some also attest that it doesn’t. Bottom line is, everything should be used in moderation. Most promoters of adya clarity say that when black mica is used daily, it eliminates bacteria, oxygenates the blood, it takes out toxins and decalcifies one’s body as well. If one is a health conscious individual, he wouldn’t mind spending a lot cash or money just to make sure that one’s going to be healthy for a long term. But then again, it’s also best that one should do his homework well and see what’s behind the adya clarity scam.

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