July 25, 2024

David Wolfe Adya Clarity

    The Black Mica in David Wolfe’s view,

Known also as Biotite, the black mica is believed to be the most mineral packed rock. Discovered by Dr Shimanishi north of Tokyo in the 1960’s, he realized that the black mica extract had healing power. All the research indicate that people who drink mineralized water or eat vegetables grown with this kind of water  fell nurtured and full of life, not to mention that the tests indicate a much lower toxin level in they’re body. Black mica is also known to purify water; the mineral mix can purify a pond or a small lake within hours, making it crystal clear and drinkable.

The world renowned nutritionist David Wolfe discovered the benefits of the black mica and tested it on his own. He was amazed by the minerals healing and rejuvenation ability and so he decided to tell the world about it. Water is universal to our lives and we need constant hydration, but most of the people don’t know that 90% of the carcinogenic substances are found in tap water around the world. So how to protect ourselves from this? David Wolfe managed to extract black mica minerals keeping them ionized, by doing so he purified water up to 99.99%. He obtained this performance without using any chemicals or risk involving processes.

Water covers about three thirds of our planet, but as we all know it’s still a rare limited resource.  Drinking water is harder and harder to find and people need to find new methods to purify the existing one. But the more they search for the answer to this problem, the more we get stuck in a loop. Purifying water with black mica is given less and less attention, and more chemicals are added, making us more likely to get sick. Bottled water is a 65 billion dollars industry and before you think “at least is good for me” think about the bottle. The plastic bottle it comes in is made out of petrol and chemicals witch contaminates the water the second it is bottled. The purification process is almost the same as in tap water, so what is the difference? Well it’s the price. Big companies that bottle water, such as Coca-Cola, make more profit on water than anything else. It’s low cost and easy to sell. Ok no problem so far, so to say, but why don’t they give us pure water, that doesn’t make us sick, water that make us feel better, that rejuvenates us. They have the means to do it, and that since the 60’s, since the discovery of the black mica.

Some of the advantages known so far by using the mineral are: Elimination of calcification from the body; eliminates more bacteria; removes teeth plaque; gets rid of gray hair and hair loss; regulates blood pressure and many others.

David Wolfe encourager’s us to use our own purification system right in our homes. He gave to the world a great gift, pure, cheap water.

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