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Contractubex is an highly effective scar treatment, it helps in the smoothness and healing of any type of scar on your skin.   There are different types of scars, they are  called the sunken scar, the raised scar and keloid scar.  It is advisable not to treat this different scars on your own, because they may cause excessive damage to your skin.

If you have any of these three scars, it is advisable to make use of Contractubex because it will help make the scar smoother and reduce the rate of formation of scar tissues. Contractubex can be used for different types of wounds or cuts like : skin burns,tatoo removal, lacerations and abrasive cuts.

You may be worried that may be after operation your wound will still leave it marks. But don’t worry, Contractubex can solve the problem.  Just make sure that as soon as the wound starts to close up, apply it because it will ensure that your scar close up permanently such that you will hardly see it.

The scar gel performs so many functions such as : smoothness of the skin, reduction of itching on the skin and so on. One of the primary function of this skin, is that it  stops or  prevent excessive scar tissue on the skin it reduces the scarring of the skin from the inside.

Contractubex contains three different active ingredients that speeds up the rate of  its effectiveness. They are: Allantoin, Heparin and  Extractum cepae.

  1. Extractum contains a very high bacterial formula that prevents the formation of scar tissue.
  2. Heparin contains anti-inflammatory ingredient or property that support the regeneration of the tissue structure and the softiness of the skin’s texture.
  3. Allantoin speeds up the rate at which the skin heals, and it also promotes the formation of skin tissue just like Extratum cepae.
  4. For so many years, Contractubex has proven its effectiveness and reliability when it comes to the issue of  scar treatment. In the United states, they are one of the topmost brand when it comes to skin treatment.


The effective performance of Contractubex has given a lot of people confidence that scars can actually be treated effectively. It performance on the skin is like no other.

The powerful combination of the three ingredients makes it function very deep into the inner part of the skin.

Contractubex is indeed undisputable, no wonder it retains its dominance  in the market when it comes to scar treatments.


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