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Adya Clarity Review

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Adya is an international company that promotes a healthy living with the help of minerals. For example, Black Mica is one of the company’s products used for cleaning the water source by activating bio minerals. Adya Clarity is another product created by this company.

Adya Clarity is a natural solution that contains a para-magnetic mineral extracted from a volcanic rock in Japan. This rock is rich in minerals and contains a substance called Biotite. Many nutritionists recommend minerals as part of a daily, healthy diet. Some argue that this product is excellent for cleaning the water source by mixing it into the water. Once the minerals are dissolved they become part of the water and start purifying it by eliminating and dissolving all impurities, bacterial agents and pathogens. After the process is done, the minerals from the Adya Clarity product will remain on the bottom of the container. Manufacturers recommend that these minerals should not be taken and put into another water container because they will be useless.

Manufacturers say that Adya Clarity eliminates all bacteria from water, especially the anaerobic bacteria, while also reducing heavy metals like lead and mercury from the water source. Minerals from this product are also useful in eliminating chlorine and sodium fluoride and reducing carbon-based wastes. Manufacturers encourage people to take a sample of their local water source and take it to the nearest chemical laboratory. Most results about the level of water purity will come back negative, thus proving that many water sources from around the globe are toxic and harmful for the organism.

The products from Adya are very promoted worldwide by activities from the raw food movement. Vegetarians, vegans and raw food practitioners have argued that a clean water source and a light diet are the key for living longer. Many books have been written about this subject, many encouraging a diet rich in minerals. Some nutritionists have even argued that bio minerals can stimulate the nervous system, thus making people more aware, more efficient and more active. Bio minerals from solutions like the ones marketed by Adya are also useful for creating bio magnetism inside the human body which means creating positive bio waves. These bio stimuli are very good for the organism and body because they fill it up with energy. In the end, every medical professional can confirm the fact that bio minerals are extremely healthy.

Many have argued that the products sold by Adya are frauds and that the company has an entire marketing scheme based on lies. That is why Adya manufacturers are offering free trials of their products to whoever is interested in testing out the product before he buys it.

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