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David Wolfe Scam

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The David Wolfe Scam is probably one of the biggest and most controversial issues to have rocked the nutrition and wellness field in the recent past. If you are yet to hear of it, then you need to be informed so that you may also make informed decisions. The David Wolfe Scam coins its name from one David Wolfe who is a self proclaimed human nutrition expert. According to this man who is the proprietor of SunFood, his desire for a healthy world is what led him to come up with a concept which some people have rubbished off and termed as the David Wolfe Scam.

So, is it fair to generalize this man’s thoughts as the David Wolfe Scam? Remember, this is a man whose both parents were doctors and claims to have developed his desire for a healthier world right from his childhood. Firstly, it is worth mentioning that the name David Wolfe draws admiration as well as criticism in equal measure. This man and his concept draw a huge following, while on the other hand the phrase David Wolfe Scam would not be any news to any person who is not new in the raw food community. So, where do you fall?

The fact that the world’s population is split right in the middle on whether to embrace the works of David Wolfe or shun them as the David Wolfe Scam is a clear indicator that this is a concept that needs careful analysis. It is evident that the number of patients seeking treatment for lifestyle conditions is on the increase. Similarly increasing is the number of people looking for alternatives to a healthier lifestyle. As such, the number of people claiming to be health experts with readymade health and wellness products is also on the increase.

For those who are avid followers and admirers of David Wolfe’s work, they see him as a man on a mission, ready to save the world from the increasing cases of lifestyle conditions. This group of people believes in his raw food nutrition program and will even take it upon themselves to market these products. On the other extreme are the people who firmly belief in the phrase David Wolfe Scam and will strive to prove beyond reasonable doubt that David Wolfe is just any other salesperson out to cash in on uninformed members of public.

So, what constitutes the David Wolfe health and wellness diet? The idea behind this diet is that every human being should feed on natural raw foods. The raw vegan diet, as David Wolfe claims, has natural healing powers and causes an immediate sense of wellness on the patient’s body. Whether you want to take up this diet or not is your choice. You can start eating raw vegetables and fruits, although this is what you might actually have been practicing. In fact, it is for this reason that critics question the innovation behind this diet and believe they have genuine reasons to brand it the David Wolfe Scam.

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