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TA65 Scam

English: DNA replication or DNA synthesis is t...
English: DNA replication or DNA synthesis is the process of copying a double-stranded DNA molecule. This process is paramount to all life as we know it. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is TA65 a SCAM?

TA 65 is a popular scam that has now overshadowed many aging product. Aging is a common problem and there are few who can accept this fact.From the beginning of mankind women and men have forever undergone through this change .According to the Molecular biology and Biochemistry there is no effective remedy to this oldest problem of mankind.

The concept of aging requires certain knowledge about cell biology .The telomere region located at the end of each chromosome is responsible for aging .In fact it is known to play a crucial role in aging process. The body enzyme Telomerase plays a vital role in maintaining the length of telomeres .It helps in promoting the growth process of these chromosomes by synthesizing the DNA or deoxyribonucleic acid. As we begin to age the size of telomere begins to decrease. This process is popularly known as the deletion .The activity of telomerase also decreases as we age .This is a continuous process and continues until a human being expires.

TA 65 contains Astragaloside IV or Cycloastragenol .These compounds are mostly derived from a plant called Astragalus .But the funny part of TA 65 is the company manufacturing it does not reveal the details of their ingredients and composition.

It is indeed difficult to claim whether TA 65 as a scam .One of the biggest strength of TA65 is it has a valid formula .The formula is owned by the TA Sciences. TA Sciences is owned by Geron based in California.
The scientists who have designed this product claim that the medicine promotes the usual activity of telomerase enzyme. This extra care protects the telorame part of chromosome thus prohibits aging.In other words the process of deletion is slowed down compared to the normal aging process..In fact the TA Science demands that individual using the TA 65 looks younger than the other individual of the same age .However there are many controversies regarding this observation.

One of the prime reason as to why this product is considered as a scam is whether it is equally effective for every individual using it .In fact this external method of elongating and life of telomere has also raised eye brows among many researchers .in fact many researches have confirmed that this process of artificial insertion can cause carcinogenesis or cancer in human cell. In fact every individual has unique cell structure which might not be effective and responsive to TA 65.

The second objection that claims TA 65 as a scam is the total cost of the treatment .In average the treatment of cost is between $1200 and $10500.This kind of treatment is affordable by a particular class of people. In fact the high budget fails to convince the middle and lower strata of the society regarding the positive impact of the drug.

Many individual using TA 65 might be suffering from other physical complication .There are chances that TA 65 can make the situation worse than before.

Finally, there might be other reasons responsible for aging which may not be treated by TA 65.Instead continuous intake e of TA 65 can lead to severe side effect .Thus it is not necessary to get biased on TA 65 alone to prevent aging.

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