July 22, 2024

Digeorge syndrome life expectancy

Digeorge syndrome is a disease which is related with a chromosome. In Digeorge syndrome chromosome 22 is affected and problems are shown in the form of abnormal growth of different systems of the human body. Immune systems of patients with Digeorge syndrome are poor and their behaviors are also not normal. Problems related with heart and cleft palate, are also common in people with Digeorge syndrome.

As many parts of the body are affected due to Digeorge syndrome therefore the patient is required to take medical care from many professionals in medical field. Different types of symptoms are shown in patients with Digeorge syndrome. Some symptoms are shown at the time of birth while others are shown with time when the problem is increased. Patients with Digeorge syndrome are tired and weak and their body is not working normally due to abnormal circulation of blood and oxygen. Patients with Digeorge syndrome cannot gain weight with time and their muscles are also weak. Patients with Digeorge syndrome are facing with different types if infections and their stamina, is also weak.

Life expectancy
Early period of birth and childhood for people with Digeorge syndrome is critical as the body is weak and there are many types of problems. Those people who survive the early stages could live normally but they are weak and get infections frequently. Families of patients with Digeorge syndrome must make sure that they are getting good care in order to live a normal life. There are many sources through which funds are obtained for treatment of patients with Digeorge syndrome.

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