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We’ve all struggled with acne at some point in our lives, and yes it can be very embarrassing. Which in turn will scar your social life, not mentioning the scars acne leaves on your face, chest, back, or wherever you may have it. Fear not though as everyone has felt this way at least once or twice in their lives, and yes there is ways you can beat acne!  Before there used to be a potent acne drug that was guaranteed to pretty much erase your acne problems called acutane.  However it was later found out to cause many other more severe long term problems in your body, therefore it was discontinued and is no  longer available.

Now there are some natural remedies to get rid of acne, some work better than others but of course you should begin by showering everyday,  and using a special soap for acne, also wash your face before bed and when you wake up, but don’t over was as this will cause your face to become dry which will make you break out even more! Of course you don’t want that.  People have also said that washing your face in a bowl of ice cold water helps with breakouts as well, others agree that warm towel soaks  on your face cause your pores to open up which in turn will get rid of acne as well.

OTC drugs or “over the counter drugs” consist of many different products that claim to get rid of acne, or course not all work,  I do believe the best stuff you can get is 5% benzoyl peroxide, just a little dab on your pimples will do you good,  it works wonders and your pimple may be gone as soon as the next day, which is awesome if you have that big dance the next day!

Also proactive is actually one of the only highly advertised products that delivers results and gets rid of acne very quickly. Once you understand there program and schedule, of course you must follow it and stick to it, but once you get it down to part of your
daily routine you will see dramatic results! Regardless acne is just a part of life, some people get it more than others but there is  options and hope for you to get rid of your acne and the scars they leave.

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