September 22, 2023

Acne scars

Acne scars are very common, so common in fact that people rarely notice them unless they are very severe, but quite often people are very ignorant about these type of scars, still believing that pimples and cysts have to be picked to scar and that acne is caused by eating chocolate or not washing properly. The truth is quite the opposite in fact because most acne has nothing to do with food, unless there is an allergy, and nothing to do with hygiene, unless skin is left so dirty that it becomes infected and the person spreads it, but that is not acne.

Acne scars are in many cases over-rated and very feared by young people. Because of their extreme interest in putting more weight on appearances and making harsh judgments, they tend to ostracize anyone with acne, especially during their teens. Adults and babies can get acne too, so even they can suffer from the scarring. Certain types of acne produce terrible infections, spreading so deeply into the layers of skin that the person’s face or body is raw and painful, pussy and sensitive. Though over the counter quick fix lotions claim to be able to stop acne all together, many of them simply aggravate and already sensitive situation. Acne is an infection and contrary to popular opinion, squeezing them will not get rid of them, but merely puts more oils and dirt into the already infected area and can help in spreading it into other pores, hair follicles and oil glands. Worse though, squeezing, pinching, freezing and poking acne and related cysts can push the infection deeper into the most inner skin layers, even forcing it into the muscle and fat layer which can spread quickly to cause huge scars that are hard to hide.

Though acne scars cannot be fully avoided, they can be prevented most of the time. The old fashioned method of steaming acne can work, especially if the area is covered in witch hazel to close the pores and prevent further dirt from getting in. When done once a week in combination with exfoliation, dead skin cells are removed which help to prevent blockages and excess oils are taken away. This even works for blackheads and some cysts.


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