June 24, 2024
Universal mulchers

What are Mulchers?

Have you ever heard of mulchers?  Do you have any idea what they are and what they do in the first place?

Mulcher at a Glance 

A mulcher is basically a machine that helps turn grass into fine particles that microorganism can break down. These machines are also available in different types that perform different functions and purposes.

 Mulchers turn grass into fine particles
Mulchers are machines that helps turn grass into fine particles

Whether you need mulch something aside from plant matter such as whole branches of trees or even an entire forest, you can be sure to find a mulcher that suits your needs and requirements. 

The following are some of the standard mulcher variations.

Forestry Mulcher 

A forestry mulcher is probably the biggest in the list. If you want to clear a landscape the size of a forest, these machines can easily handle more than a dozen acres of vegetation a day that depends on the specific type of terrain and materials you are working with.

Video: Forestry mulchers are used for cleaning overgrown surfaces and the maintenance of forests and farmland

Typically used for vegetation management, land clearing, and prevention of wildfire, forestry mulchers can be available in a standalone format or as an attachment to skid-steer, tractor, or excavator. This means that you don’t have to worry if you have an enormous task at hand because a forestry mulcher got your back. 

Mulching Lawn Mower

A mulching lawn mower belongs to the smaller tip of scale. This machine turns dry leaves and grass clippings into tasty and finely shredded tiny morsels for the bugs present in the soil. It doesn’t matter if you are the proud owner of a humble walk-behind variety or a ride-on, whizz-bang, lawn-cutting beast because you can be sure that your machine will be able to mulch exactly as how you want and expect it to. 

Most of these mulchers feature a catcher bags that lets you distribute and spread the mulch to the parts of your property that need it the most like your garden beds. If you only need to mulch some light materials, this particular type of mulcher can do just as well and it is also often the easiest and cheapest option you can get.  

Orchard Mulcher

From the name itself, you can easily tell that this is a type of mulcher that comes in handy if you need to clear vineyards and orchards of branches, bushes, grass, vines, and tidy up you planting space in general. 

There are also varieties that are especially designed for the specific orchard type you have such as shiraz plantations and olive groves. Available in a plethora of capacities and sizes, you can be sure that there is one orchard mulcher out there suitable for your field.  

Garden Mulcher or Shredders and Chippers

Specifically designed for chopping up dead leaves, wood chips, plant matter, or twigs and have them bagged up afterwards, these machines are generally required to plugged into a power source. These can take and masticate those piles of rubbish in your yard to turn them into usable mulch. 

Just remember that shredders are not made equal. There are some that take palm fronds while others don’t. All machines are also subject to maximum size of branches they can take. Be sure to choose your garden mulchers according to the biggest diameter of branches you want to destroy.

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