July 5, 2022
The hunting clothing should be handy

Hunting Clothing Basics for New Hunters

Middle Layer

The middle layer is the second layer you need for hunting clothing. The purpose of this layer is for you to stay warm through regulating the temperature of your body. If you are a new hunter, you will be good with jeans and sweater made from wool that might already be sitting inside your closet. 

See to it that this layer is not that difficult to take off. This might be the first one you will take off first if you want to remove a clothing layer. The outer layer is crucial as it serves as your protection from the weather elements, bushes, and branches and anything else that you might come into contact with during your hunt. Thus, you need to remove the middle layer once you feel hot and wear the outer layer again. 

The hunting clothing is light
The hunting clothing is light and does not impede movement

If you will buy new pieces for your middle layer, avoid cotton once again. Go for polyester or wool sweatshirts, pants, and jackets. Avoid anything too bulky. Since you will be wearing another layer of clothes and you wouldn’t want to look like Randy from the film A Christmas Story. 

Outer Layer

Most people instantly think of the outer layer every time they think of hunting clothing. It is the camo and the blaze orange. For game such as turkey or deer, you will need camo and for others, such as pheasant or rabbit, you can wear pretty much anything. Orange is not necessary all the time and this will depend on the specific game you will be hunting and your area’s local laws. However, orange is always recommended.

Video: Elk Hunting Clothing explained (Base, Mid, Insulating, Outer Layer)

While there is no need for you to wear a camouflage outer layer, having these pieces is not a bad idea at all. If you prefer to get a pair of pants and one hunting jacket (https://blackfiretar.com/) as your outer layer, it is recommended to get camo for this. Even though you might not need camo, wearing it wouldn’t hurt. 

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