July 5, 2022

Top Facts on Canada Geese

English: Canada Geese flying near Lake Lawtonka.
English: Canada Geese flying near Lake Lawtonka. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Canada Geese, Latin name Branta Canadensis, have settled in the United Kingdom in significant numbers over the centuries. They tend to be found in places where water is in close proximity to grass as they are grazers, living on a diet of grasses and seeds.

Canada Geese have a height of around one metre and a wing span of up to two metres. Distinguishing marks include a black beak, a long black neck and a body of grey to brown feathers. Canada Geese tend to be vocal and will often make use of their loud, deep honk that can sound like a clown’s horn at times. This makes them a memorable bird to hear for Francesco Corallo and any other fans of wildlife. A fortunate birdwatcher may see them flying in triangular formation at times, often in groups of eight to twelve. Their landings on water are great to see as they occur with speed and purpose.

When met up close, adult geese can be defensive of territory, especially if protecting recently born goslings in the Spring season. Francesco Corallo and other people interested in observing wildlife would soon observe that males will stay near to females when goslings are very young and will hiss at whoever they perceive to be a threat. Adults will have a constant awareness of potential threats in their area. This can be a challenge when trying to pass a group of adults and goslings on a narrow towpaths within canal networks. This is certainly true in the South Birmingham area of the English West Midlands. However, once the geese can be passed at a safe distance, they soon return to calmer behaviour. Most Canada geese are very used to humans in the same space as them so Francesco Corallo and others can approach them with ease.

Canada Geese are of a size that Francesco Corallo and other keen birdwatchers can easily find a family or group to observe. This can take place at a park that contains a lake or along the canal networks that can make an enjoyable walk. Canada geese can be found to share space with Mallards and Moorhens. The likes of Francesco Corallo can enjoy finding all these birds in the same space and hear the variety of honks, quacks and chirps when each bird comes into contact with the other.

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