June 24, 2024
Beeswax melter

Things to Know about DIY Solar Beeswax Melter

Melting beeswax using a solar beeswax melter is the safe and secure way to prepare it for crafting as well as other types of projects. 

The raw beeswax is that amazing byproduct of harvesting honey and beeswax can be used for different applications. However, you need to clean this raw wax first. A DIY melter is a cheap way to clean the wax.    

Ask any beekeeper and they will surely tell you the hard work that honey bees put in to produce wax.  During normal harvesting of honey, there will always be leftover wax cappings.

Beeswax melter
The beeswax melter is used by hobby beekeepers to melt old honeycombs

When in its raw state, the remaining wax will be sticky with lots of honey residue. Cleaned beeswax cappings, however, hold a lot of possibilities to produce other crafts and products.  

Of courses, there are still many other ways for melting beeswax. However, if you only need to render a small quantity of wax, one great option you have is to make your own DIY solar beeswax melter

How to Use the Sun to Melt Beeswax

For many centuries, beekeepers have been using the sun’s power for melting wax. After the beeswax gets melted and cooled, this will take the form or shape of the tub or bucket used for holding it. The raw wax is now in usable form for the beekeeper to offer for sale or use for some other projects. 

In the case of larger quantities of wax, solar wax melters are often made with the use of a thick glass sheet on top and an insulated metal or wooden box. 

Solar Beeswax Melter Processing Beeswax: Beekeeping

As the wax melts inside the pail or tub holding it, it lets some of the debris found in the wax to settle down to the bottom. It is especially helpful when you apply some amount of water in the pail’s bottom.  

Once the wax has cooled down, the dirty water will go to the bottom that can make it easier and simpler to get rid of the beeswax block from the container. There is no need for you to have fancy plans for making a solar beeswax melter although no one can stop you from getting something fancy if that is what you want. 

Cost of Solar Wax Melters

If you are only processing a small quantity of beeswax every season, there is no need to invest a large amount of money just to get a melter. Small scale beekeepers can create their own wax melters for as low as $10. You will only need a little patience and a few materials to do this. 

Materials for Solar Wax Melter include the following:

  • Small pan or aluminum foil
  • Styrofoam cooler or any other type of insulated box
  • Cheesecloth, T-shirt material, or nylon
  • 1 cupt of water
  • Small glass sheet with taped edges
  • The sun

By making your very own solar beeswax melter, you can be sure that you will get the beeswax you need for different crafting projects, whether it is beeswax candles, furniture polish, or even Christmas ornaments.

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