April 24, 2024
Cosmetics palette Revolution Pro New Neutrals Blushed Shadow

Tips to Use All Shades in Your Cosmetics Palette

One look at a cosmetics palette is more than enough for you to feel confused and overwhelmed? How will you know what goes where? 

For you to make the most out of your makeup palette, it is best to make yourself familiar with the basic groups so that you don’t feel overwhelmed and use all those shades effectively.

Basic Groups in a Makeup Palette 


Accents are the shades that are richer and more pigmented. These are applied from the lash line to the crease.

Cosmetics palette Revolution
Cosmetics palette Revolution


Highlighters are the lightest colors in your palette and these should go right below your eyebrow, on the center of your eyelids, and on your eyes’ inner corners. 

Crease or transition colors 

These are medium and neutral shades. You should blend them to the crease then outward for blending and transitioning from shade to shade. 

Contour or line colors 

These shades are the darkest and best applied using the angled brush for your eyeliner. You can also use them in the outer crease. 

Frequently Underused Shades 

Here are some shades that are most commonly underused in a cosmetics palette:

1. White 

White eyeshadow may seem boring and harsh at first glance. Even though you might not really want to only use this shade alone, white shadow can serve as a wonderful highlighter not just for your eye area but also for other areas such as the Cupid’s bow. This can also be used as your first step like some sort of primer to brighten up the rest of the colors. 

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2. Black 

Another shade that seems harsh, black works well if you use it as an eyeliner. Just use your thin angled brush then apply dry or wet.

3. Pink 

Gone are the days when only Barbie can use pink. This shade can actually be very lovely and wearable. Just make sure you pick the right shade for your skin tone. A great pink is shimmery and light color that looks great particularly as a highlighter. 

4. Blue 

Well, you are definitely not alone of you instantly conjure images of the electric blue lids of the 80s every time you think of blue eyeshadow. No one will blame you if you cringe at this thought. But the truth is, blue can be a very beautiful color. You can opt for a deep navy, slate-blue metallic, or rich blue as part of smokey eye. You can also go for cobalt liner if you want something bright. 

A cosmetics palette has been especially made to be a wonderful selection of different shades that all look beautiful together. These products make application as simple and easy as possible. If you are shopping for a good cosmetics palette, make sure you look for one with cool and neutral tones ideal for all eye colors. Choose those that are highly pigmented to be sure that they will show up exactly as how you want them to. Don’t be afraid to use every color and use the tips above as your guide. 

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