July 20, 2024

Madecassol Cream

Madecassol cream: Best treatment for scars and stretch marks

Firstly, Check out some Natural remedies for stretch marks and scars

Egg white; Egg consist of proteins, but the glair (egg white) contains proteins & amino (amine & carboxylic) acids, that are good for your pores & skin. After splitting the yolks (high in fat) and egg white, use a soft brush or cotton cloth to sweep to your stretch-marks. Hang on for a while for it to dry and then wash the spot with normal water. When the spot is absolutely dry, apply a little amount of olive-oil for wetness that will last all over the time of repair. Try this after taking a warm bath so your skin pores will process all the nutritional value and secure in wetness. It will take around several weeks for you to see the effects, May be that will be worth it!

Olive: Olive oil has been used by many ancient people to cure dry skin and other disease related to skin, but it has also executed amazing things for those with scars & stretch-marks due to its wonderful properties of antioxidants and vitamins. Extra virgin olive oil is good for skin, so you should apply that one to your skin. Heat olive oil and gently massage it onto your marks. Try to increase blood flow of that spot while massaging and it will decrease the inflammation and soreness of the mark. Keep massaging for 5-10 minutes and then leave it for half an hour. Let it process all the natural vitamins and then wash the area with cold water.

Water: Drink plenty of water! To keep yourself hydrated and your skin healthy. A diet high in clear liquids will cleanse your body of the bad cells that aggravates your epidermis and leave your sensitive skin with a higher amount of flexibility, which helps reduce the marks.. However, caffeine drinks and soft drinks cause lack of liquids and dehydration of your body, but if you combine those beverages with at least 3 liter water per day, your body and skin will appreciate it!

Try Madecassol cream, for a better treatment because home remedies are not good for everyone and you may end up with failure due to very slow results. A cream made up of natural extracts is always preferable because of their no side effect features. It is an extract of Centella (Mackinlayaceae family plant) and it contains natural acids to cure and heal wounds. Cure your marks with an effective cream.

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