July 5, 2022

NordicTrack treadmills

The machines are no joke, especially for the price. Most treadmills offer multiple benefits, including pulling you away from screens in the gym environment, helping with weight loss, and providing elevated walking surfaces in sedentary environments. You do have to take into consideration that each model comes with its own power cord and a separate remote control. However, that’s a fairly small investment for such a great machine. Not to mention that they’re reasonably big and make excellent office furniture.

I’ve not had the chance to personally use several of these machines besides Nordictrack t6.5s, but they look clean and truly functional. All models have ample seating within a comfortable working radius, so whoever your co-workers might be, you’ll have a room to yourself. Since they are more pricey machine than comparable units, be sure to factor in a power cord and remote. Best For: Those that live in or near a gym or who don’t want to spend large amounts of money on a home treadmill and a separate personal trainer+ Flexibility: The Arthur Robotics Runner 230 offers full suspension leg exercise. It floats in the middle of the desk and allows speakers to the front of the desk to provide music while you work. This machine moves slightly on its own as you move your legs. Depending on how often you do your workout and what joints are sore, this might be the best option for you. Durability: The spider line is rated IP67 water resistance, which provides 13 feet of water submersion. I haven’t tested this one personally, but it definitely lived up to its claims since I submerged it in a sink full of ice water.

Nordictrack treadmills
The machines are no joke, especially for the price.

NordicTrack’s biggest competitors are Logitech’s own outdoor treadmill, the Arctis Pro outside, as well as the lesser-known Peloton. If you’re looking for sleek systems that don’t take up a ton of space, and don’t have the competing high price of a Peloton, I recommend the new Plus series of outdoor treadmills from Logitech. The Plus series is also available in both desk and trailer versions. See my in-depth comparison of Peloton’s outdoor and indoor treadmills here. Both the Plus and Alpha series utilize the same LVL (maximum volume) auto-pulley system, so you usually can’t “stop” working when you’re on the go. For this reason—and to reduce maintenance and other problems for the treadmill, as well as to save you time in the office if you need to add the treadmill back-up in the future—you’ll need to buy your own extra rubber hoses and plug them in.

Lucky for you, Logitech sells some extensions for $9 and up, and they come with rubber clamps to hang it all together. I personally have the rubber hose extensions (and also AstroCool suspension trainers). The biggest factor determining if you want to spend money for the new NordicTrack system (other than if you like working out from stationary) is the number of internal gears.

The power can also be recharged with an included USB-C cable that is also used to charge the battery of the treadmill. In terms of battery and power, the Plus series requires around 6 hours to fully charge, and returns a full 3.5 hours of battery life. The battery is rechargeable, so I could see needing to change out batteries quite often, but having to charge the battery every couple of months seems to be the most common critique of the Plus series. Logitech went with a power bank over the portability of the USB-C cable for charging, which I think is a pretty smart decision. And honestly speaking, even with a portable cable, you’re still going to whip out your phone to plug in an adapter to recharge.

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