March 4, 2024

The Age of Cute Baby Outfits and How We Got Here

Have you ever looked at your baby and just started smiling? Not just because they are beautiful and adorable; but because what they are wearing is just too cute? Baby used to wear rags long ago. Parents just didn’t see the value of dressing them up since they were just going to get messy one way or another. Have you ever wondered when we started to gravitate toward cute baby outfits? Read on to learn all about how they became popular and how we turned into the society today that dresses babies to the nines!

Dating all the way back to the sixteenth century in Europe, boys and girls were dressed the same. Often wearing nothing but cloaks and robes, bodies were covered but fashion was certainly an afterthought-function was key.

During the seventeenth century, swaddling was huge and babies were often just wrapped in blankets or linens so that their diapers were covered. This certainly does not constitute as cute baby clothes. Once the stigma of swaddling hit the eighteenth century (because many believed that swaddling impacted the straightness of the limbs) parents started putting their babies in slips. While better than linen or a robe; babies and kids of this era were not wearing cute baby outfits.

Once a baby began to walk during this century, they were taken out of their slip and put in petticoats and bodices. Girls wore this kind of clothing until they were considered an adult, which was around fourteen years old. Talk about boring and a lack of variety and personality! Little boys wore the ensemble until they were about seven. After this age they were able to wear mini styles of what adult men were wearing-vests, coats, and breeches.

Then, during the late nineteenth century, babies and toddlers often wore clothing that lacked gender distinction. Often bland, both boys and girls wore cream colored tops that hit just above the knee, looking like tunics. Tights were put underneath for boys, and lace up booties was worn.

A short time into the early twentieth century, babies and children’s clothing started to get better. The birth of the romper in 1920 was one of the hottest trends of the times. Making its way into the cute baby clothes category, rompers started off plain but got fancier as the years went on.

Both boys and girls were put in romper for not only play time, but formal festivities as well. Colors on clothes started to veer away from tan, beige, and brown. Gender colors really picked up in popularity, donning girls clothes “pink” and boys clothing “blue.” With colors appearing on rompers, as well as designs like flowers and polka dots; cute baby outfits were born!

The rest, they say, is history! Once the 1940’s hit, little girls were “allowed” to play in pants and short sleeved tops. Dresses were still required for parties, school, and church. These dresses were lined with lace, tulle, and were given ruffles and puffed sleeves. Beyond cute, the clothing started to become more expensive and the birth of brands left all house moms the urge to splurge on cute baby clothes for their little ones.

Once the 1980’s hit, boys and girls were playing in stretchy, colorful leggings and sweat pants. Active shirts were designed in colorful prints, patterns, and even showcased favorite television characters. Kids were cute suits and formal dresses on holidays and on special occasions. Little girls could even wear a pair of miniature heels!

The 90’s up until now really is all about fashion and making cute baby clothes for both genders to enjoy. A miniature version of what adults wear today, expect to find baby sized everything-from fedoras, to bow ties, tutus, and body suits-cute baby clothes certainly came a long way.

You can find an overabundance of personalized items that can be monogrammed, embroidered, and customized for extra cuteness.

The accessory market also plays a huge part in making boutique style cute baby clothes or any one of the many emerging baby boutique stores you can find throughout the web now. The baby boutiques have excellent cute baby girl outfits and baby boy outfits that you can find great accessories with. From headbands, flip flops, sunglasses, and even printed socks; both baby and toddler boys and girls are wearing these accessories to complete their cute outfits.

In conclusion, clothing is important. Clothes help create a desired “look” for your baby. While they may have started out unisex and bland, cute baby clothes and accessories are certainly on the market today and are available in abundance at big name stores and baby boutiques in your area. The next time you’re out shopping for your little one, but thankful you’re living in the era that you are, since cute baby clothes rule the market!

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