April 13, 2024

Upcoming Fashion Trends for Men For Spring 2014

With passing decades, we have witnessed some mind boggling trends in fashion. Especially for women, the range has been wide and every season has brought in varieties of fresh looks and every time, they look novel and different no matter how slight or considerable the similarities are. Colourful dresses, trendy outfits, varying lengths of mini-skirts or chic accessories, all look perfect with every season and people do not seem to get bored of staring at the pretty ladies in town. However, that is not the same case for the men? The range is limited, ranging from only a shirt or a tee, a trouser or three-fourths, a belt, a shoe and probably a hat or watch to go along.


Despite the limited accessories available at hand, some men do know how to pull off the perfect outfit for the season and look different every now and then. Fashion is not about what we wear stuff but how we mix our stuff and how we pull them off. For the coming summer, men can try out a sleeveless cotton shirt with a short jeans pant accompanied with a cool pair of Fast-track sunglasses and a bracelet. A sexy perfume adds to the persona of the man too. Also, men muscular men can show off a polo shirt with cargoes and few accessories on their wrists that make up for a comfortable wear and a cool dude. A cotton blazer can be worn over a V-neck tee that complements the skin colour and along with it; casual shoes like Converse should do the trick.


The spring season brings a lot of people to the showrooms and men are certainly not far behind when it comes to show off their elegance to the women. With men’s Tailored Clothing sales raising up the ladder year after year, many youngsters will look forward to sport coats to suits or formal blazers as it looks trendy and modern. Casual shirts are now also gaining considerable change with more creativity kicking in for button and thread colours. Bomber jackets and biker styles are common in use among men whereas, jackets with short sleeves have also found large ground in the market last year and predictably, this year too. The jackets too have a wide range to be chosen from, starting with leather, plastic, denim and so much more consisting of gloss and metallic colour variety. Spring also allows men to carry on clothes with variety of colours and that is why multi-coloured shirts, full sleeves or half sleeves, and sport coats are now in fashion. Most of them include landscape, check and camouflage sketches.


Apart from the mainstream wear, it is also crucial to look into the footwear to see if the match is good. Formal trousers can go well with polished Louis Vuitton and Lanvin brands. Also, shoes with laces from Gucci or Dior Homme are pretty popular among the youth. Classy informal wear is well sported by Emporia Armani and Canali brands.   Look out for urban couture clothing sites and blogs for new trends and clothing lines.

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