July 22, 2024

3 types of summer dresses

Ladies…make room in your closet. You’re going to need it.

Summer has arrived (thank goodness) and there’s no better time to update your wardrobe with some really cute summer dresses that will show off your summer glow and keep you cool in the process.

To be honest, there’s nothing quite like getting dressed up and going out on the town for date night with the hubby, or the cute guy from accounting who just asked you out. If you’re a working mother, then you know all too well the demands of juggling the responsibilities of a family and career.

Whether you’re a 40-something career woman or a full-time college student, it’s easy to get tired. As a matter of fact, it’s a chore just to get out of our yoga pants on some days. So when the opportunity to be care free and have a little fun presents itself, take full advantage and get dressed up in your own fashionable and fancy style.

Summer is the absolute best time to show off our own individual flair for fashion and the shops and boutiques are packed full of plenty of options if you’re looking to add the perfect summer dresses to your closet. Add some cool jewelry like some beach glass or different types of handmade bangles and you’ll be ready to rock your new dress!

The tried and true maxi dress
The staple of any woman’s summer wardrobe is the maxi dress and this year, it’s all about bold prints and bright, vivid colors. Maxi dresses are a tried and true go-to for a day at the beach, or pair it with a delicate lace vest if you’re going to dinner. It goes with anything, and is flattering for any body type. We love the color blocked maxi dresses found here, and we think you will too.

Show off those curves
It makes sense to add a body-conscious, form-fitting dress for those “are you losing weight?” moments. An elegant structured dress is the perfect way to capture your significant other’s attention, and let’s face it, if you work hard for that body, then you deserve to show it off.

Here comes the sun!
It’s summer, and that means you’re getting some serious Vitamin D and you’re probably already boasting a flattering summer tan. Why not show off that gorgeous color with a delicate sundress. First of all, men absolutely love, love, love sundresses, and you’ll absolutely love the way it accentuates your curves and bone structure. The summer sundress is one of our faves. If you don’t own one, you need to…quickly!

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